Loot Box Controversy Having No Impact On Game Sales

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Inspired by an article ( the that followed), I discuss the NPD’s suggestion that recent loot box backlash hasn’t damaged the industry… and why that doesn’t entirely matter.

Read the article if you wish: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2017-10-25-npd-loot-box-controversy-having-no-impact-on--potential


  1. Activision used ContentID to try and block this in two countries. Watch it while it’s still in dispute!

  2. I sure as fuck wont buy any games with lootboxes in them.

  3. 1. No one is going to buy a game that they were not previously interested in BECAUSE loot boxes are introduced.
    2. People have not bought games because they have loot boxes.

    The logic of the ‘experts’ doesn’t make a ton of sense.

  4. Well it had impact on me.
    I bought none of the mentioned titles, strictly because of illicit, criminal grade beguilement practices. Not because price was high, not because games were bad, not because, I have compulsive gambling drive I can’t control. It’s just that I looked around, thought through on how these games are being sold and decided that on principle I should not support criminals. State laws will catch up eventually. I can wait.

  5. ACTIVISION is everything wrong about gaming

  6. Of course the lootbox controversy hasn’t has a noticeable effect on game sales, and nor should it. A good game is still a good game even if it has some shitty extras shoved in. A far more telling piece of information to have would be data on how the lootbox controversy has affected sales of lootboxes, which is something that has conveniently been left out of the reports.

  7. I fairness, I did buy Destiny 2, only because the gameplay style is the mindless busy work that I crave to shut my brain off after 9 hours of school, and despite the shit story, I actually did like the gameplay of the first one. However, I have not purchased the more brutal examples of microtransactions and loot boxes.

  8. People are dumb, so many like to complain but then make excuses to buy the games anyway, then wanna act shocked when it keeps happening. All I know is, I haven’t bought these trash games, and if you have, you should be ashamed of yourself, especially if you’ve ever complained about these practices.

  9. Don’t know what got me more hard, watching Jim tear into that joke of an article or using Wrestling references to make a point, oh what a mark I am. I am not buying AC Origins, Destiny 2, Shadow of War or any game that includes these loot box or microtransactions, even PUBG a game I was interested I will not touch now because of its own microtransactions. I may be just one customer but it will take time for the whole microtransactions thing to wear down more lesser educated buyers.

  10. Thraxarious Tailchaser

    Remember when the Sims decided to split the items that were previously available in the Sims 2 up so you had to separately buy them back in the Sims 3 with microtransactions?

  11. I’m reminded of how anything is said to be tolerable for at least ten minutes. In the game industry, those minutes might equate to months or years, but sooner or later, everyone’s pain threshold runs out.

  12. why do i have to put my name in

    so how does one go about analyzing the games industry? do you just pay attention to gaming new? is there a place to keep track of game’s sales? should i hire a fortune teller?

  13. I hope the industry has it’s second crash soon.

  14. I’ve actively avoided buying many games these past few years ….. Looks like that trend won’t be ending any time soon

  15. Lovely nonsense in the article about top selling, meaning loot boxes had no effect on sales. How do they know that Destiny 2 sales would not have been larger, without loot boxes? Are they psychic?

  16. Nah, no one is going down. Loot boxes are here to stay. Same as DLC, and pre-orders, and all that shit.

  17. Paused at 1:13 because animal crossing pocket whatever was/ is coming out on mobile.

  18. You know, I was thinking that terrifying dehumanizing customer tiers comparing players to sea creatures and I was wondering which of the categories I belonged to. Minnow seemed like the obvious choice, but the more I think about it I’m more like a sea cucumber or one of those detritus feeding echinoderms that are so obscure they only have a latin name.

  19. Nice then that means everyone pirating games because they do not like what the AAA game company’s are doing is not hurting sales either. 🙂

  20. Dude.. give up !people are stupid and gonna keep buying those ,,AAA” games at any price and lootboxes and dlcs

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