Knights Of The Frozen Throne Card Reveal Rap: Meat Wagon

Big thanks for giving me this amazing opportunity a from the upcoming !

Video Editor: Swegey


  1. Erwin Johann Arndt

    That subtle hint at 100 dust on the back of the video.. Well played…

  2. Awesome….the best card revelation ever

  3. Leandro Montanari Braz

    Best card reveal ever

  4. Meat Wagon. It’s a bit of a meme
    You’ll have to make a deck with a bit of a theme
    It’s a 4 mana 1/4 epic mech
    and it’s deathrattle pulls a minion out ya deck
    you’ll have to tech your deck though to make that happen
    Cause your minion has to have less attack than the wagon
    So what cards will this even bring out?
    Is something I’ve been thinking about
    Primalfin, Mana tide or Flametongue
    Summoning Portal for a bit of fun
    Validated Doomsayer’s pretty damn fine
    Even though it’s a card that’s on the sideline
    If you’re a fan of memes then here you go
    Lightspawn, Alarm-o-bot, Lorewalker Cho
    And do these sound good? … No
    So far making this work sounds hard
    How can we utilise this card?
    I’m gonna tell you.
    You can use this card in a deck with buffs
    It can start going crazy, pullin’ all kinds of stuff
    In a buff deck you can pull a devilsaur egg
    but buff it’s attack, get something bigger instead
    The higher the attack, the bigger potential minion
    At 7 if you’re lucky you could even pull a Tirion
    Use it in rogue, which combined with cold blood
    which could even pull Malygos and that’s pretty good
    It works with N’zoth as it has a deathrattle
    Pulling other minions into the battle
    Maybe this could even work with Priest quest
    But getting it above 1 attack that’s a test
    Handbuffs in Paladin, Warrior and Hunter
    Could this work with any of these I wonder
    In Warrior you’ve got tools like Inner Rage
    Taskmaster, Grimy Gadgeteer, Rampage
    Don’t disregard this card at first glance
    But Paladin might be this card’s best chance
    Grimestreet Outfitter, Smuggler’s Run
    And Blessing of Might would all help a tonne
    Lots of comboes you can pull off
    Even though some of them will be pretty tough
    One thing I am sure about
    I can’t wait to get stuck in and try it out

  5. Brandon Bordelon

    Not gonna lie that was epic

  6. Didn’t know J4CKIECHAN was signed with BBK

  7. Ready for the J4ackiechan/Ben Brode rap battle.

  8. subscribed just for that. well done.

  9. Hilarious. Hope your channel gets more popular!

  10. C4lmans review was better Kappa

  11. RAP GOD!!!

  12. Adrian Alexander Veidt

    So cheesy, but I love it. Great job!

  13. Stormzy you’re in trouble!

  14. Ok, you just beat every card reveal ever

  15. Valentin Simoens

    What à flow j4ckie!!! Excellent

  16. any reason for the 100 dust on your shelf?. Kappa

    Well done bro!

  18. anyone notice the face on his neck at 2:02

  19. hmm.. well played

  20. It’s amazing, you just got a new sub

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