Jeff Kaplan: Hero 28 details and Hanzo changes

thanks jeff
subtitles available, if you’re into that sort of thing.

had this like 80% finished when brigette released, thought it was better to upload as is rather than delay even further by making new brigette based content. at least i don’t have to make a thumbnail. i’ve got plans for some measures i can take to speed up making these videos, so maybe the next one might not be too far away, but no promises. might also be getting a new PC soon so will actually be able to edit and record stuff much better.

(also blizzard, the audio balance on the last dev update was a bit off, pls don’t do this to me.)

A big thank you to all my generous supporters:
Caleb Santiago
Jamie McCluskey
Zahir Merchant
Eric Cintron


  1. *Please don’t wreck my beloved snipey arrow dude*

  2. Dont worry about me. I’m just getting ready to wreck ass with Mr. Wheels

  3. 1:43 with subtitles

  4. Is Jeff Kaplan the new CIA agent? ?


  6. -God- Jeff Kaplan is watching

  7. I am always going on about how gorgeous Jeff is in team chat, but they keep muting me. Should I expect a report option for this in the next update?

  8. Mercywatch is honestly my favourite game. It deffo deserved game of the year 5 years running. Plus that Jeff Kaplan lad is an absolute unit

  9. TheProudProcrastinatorTM

    I main mr wheels

  10. *if you’re a bad person doing bad things in overwatch we don’t want you in overwatch*

  11. ‘Uhm, we really felt like the game was becoming, *You know* , the game was becoming, *You know* ,less “Overwatch”,and more “Mercywatch”,so… with Mercy taken care of,
    *THE EYE OF KAPLAN* now turns to Hanzo.’

    Rip Hanzoists

  12. Easily my favourite one

  13. MrWheelsMainBTW

    ((also I can understand Japanese and let me tell you, 1:42 tainted me))

  14. “I’d like to suggest that you really keep that sort of thing to quickplay… or at least the bottom of bronze.”

  15. calm down jeff we still dont technically have hero 27

  16. *B R E A T H E S*

  17. “watching you beat your meat while watching widows dance emote”

  18. Jeff Kaplan works for CIA = Confirmed

  19. Jeff from the overwatch team is absolutely gorgeous

  20. this one actually made me cry of laughter

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