Past Cure – If Metal Gear & Silent Hill Had A Really Shit Baby (Jimpressions)

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This is already easily in the running for one of 2018’s worst game. Woefully inadequate nonsense.


  1. So basically if Konami did Silent Hills themselves.

  2. The Wolf Princess

    Nothing can cure Past Cure. Nothing can make it a good game.

  3. Metal Gear and Silent Hill have already had shit babies: They’re called Survive and Book of Memories respectively. I would say that this game is on par with those tbh.

  4. This feels like a forgotten mid-gen PS3 game that you’d find in a bargain bin for $3.

  5. “keep breathing, I can see it’s head. PUSH!”
    “It’s a, It’s a…… really shit baby”

  6. I’m already finished the game it is ok …. maybe … i been entertained ….perhaps XD

  7. I feel like that hilarious voice acting should be rolled into the pile of things-to-momentarily-cut-away-to during Jimquisitions.

  8. The Resident Evil 4 ripoff nobody asked for.

  9. Ganymede, Jupiter III

    Metal Gear Flaccid

  10. Hey, at least it doesn’t have 10$ save slots. Seriously tho, you have to give it to these trash games you play. As bad as they are, almost none of them have MTXs or loot boxes.

  11. I’ll pass on this game

  12. I’m afraid there is no cure for this one. Great video as always Jim.

  13. My God, this year’s February is officially the worst month for gaming… probably ever.

  14. Jim suffers these shite games so we don’t have to. Thank you video game Jesus!

  15. You know what, I‘m not even going to ask any questions. Let it just fade into nothingness.


    Don’t you love it when you are so used to shit asset flips and stuff from devs like digital homicide this looks kinda decent?

  17. The best thing about this game is its Jimpressions video

  18. Ha I thought “that looks a hell of a lot like Ethan Mars” 5 seconds in, glad Jim called it too.

  19. in b4 the developers have another hissy fit

  20. I think I’d rather look at the voice acting.

    That way I wouldn’t have heard it.

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