It’s My E3 And I’ll Whine If I Want To (The Jimquisition)

One of the best things about is going on Twitter and ripping the piss out of it. Been doing it for years. It’s hilarious.

Some people, however, take umbrage with such chicanery, and demand it be stopped.

Not gonna.



  2. What the hell is that start of the video? :O

  3. E3 so far has been 70% Cringe, 20% sports and 10% Cool-ish games.

  4. Thank God for JIMSTERLING…The only person who makes sense in this

    Plus Jim all joking aside, you are really the best. The fact that you are
    open about your sexuality makes you a hero amongst men (mankind). The fact
    that you have the courage to give people the finger when they mock you
    because of it makes you an inspiration to so many, including myself. I may
    not be gay but plenty of my friends are and it makes me sick when I see
    people bashing them because of their gender preference. Keep up the good
    fight, you are gentleman and a scholar, and I will always thank god for Jim
    Sterling. The only person who makes sense in this screwed up world.

  5. Niggers.

  6. So the Friday the 13th livestream consisted of a bunch of guys high as shit
    on cocaine?

  7. Jim’s gay? Huh. Well okay then.

  8. To play Devil’s advocate, do we know if that club was targeted BECAUSE of
    gay people? Gay people are just people. It could’ve been just shot up
    because it was a club, full of people. Not because it was full of gay

  9. Can we just not be happy for once?

  10. personally i like to do cynicism for the first 2 days and switch to
    wide-eyed naive hope/hype as soon as nintendo steps onstage

  11. WanderingRandomer

    We Brits have always lead the way in good old-fashioned cynicism. You crack
    on, Jim Fucking Sterling, Son!

  12. Terrorism. Or are we going to pretend this was done by some conservative
    christian? It’s a tragedy of the first order and truly a crushing blow. I
    don’t care who anybody chooses to sleep with. I care when 50 people are
    slaughtered in the name of Allah. For me it hits a little closer to home
    when the 50 people slaughtered in Allah’s name are on American soil. We are
    at war folks. You’d be wise not to forget that. I understand it’s not PC to
    say so, but the Koran has plenty to say on homosexuality if you’re


  14. your hatred of white people is pathetic.

  15. I stopped caring about E3 since mindjack.

  16. Jim, have you heard the shot Guru Larry took at your journalist status?

  17. Hm, why aren’t they showing American soldiers being shot in those
    Battlefield trailers? I mean you can play as the opposite faction, and have
    Americans as your enemy team, right?

  18. Adam Poole (animeguy4ever)

    there was mass shooting in orlando? huh.. guess i don’t watch the news

  19. Lets not mention muslims at all and their religion of peace.


  21. Is it bad that I just want to totally ignore the Orlando shorting


  23. Damn Jim, dont deceive me with FucKonami News. Im here for games, and more
    to the point, i dont care about those people or shootings. Especially here.

  24. when the credits i thought it was fuck konami news xD. but anyways , gd on
    u for adresing this matter jim. nice gesture :)

  25. Before she died I used to let my wife smash my nuts with a hammer.


  26. can we just fucking close the borders and kick out all the fucking
    refugees? bomb the country and just get it over with.

  27. Oh fuck off Sterling, when there was a shooting in France you made
    “celebrating video”

  28. now that i dont have that good of a pc i am looking forward to

  29. I actually always thought you were joking about your sexuality. I dont mean
    that in a “Omg I cant believe it!” kind of way. Simply that I have been
    able to watch your videos for quite a while now and whether you are gay or
    straight didnt impact said videos I watched one iota. I am glad you feel
    comfortable enough to be open about it though, and yes, fuck the people
    that have a problem with it.

    On a more video related note…you doing okay? Your videos are usually
    tinged with a bit of cynicism, but you seem a little more doom and gloom
    then usual. For a good portion of the video I was actually expecting you to
    be lampooning someone who overreacted either to something on social media
    or to criticism they were receiving about something. Then it ended. Just
    wondering if this is a particularly shitty E3 for you already or something.

    And holy shit that Friday the 13th dude seemed wasted.

  30. Wait Jims gay?

  31. Great video Jim. My thoughts on all shootings is “why haven’t we brought
    back public stoning”?

  32. I hate to be cynical on a YouTube channel about being cynical, I know many
    people will buy and like the Skyrim re-mastered edition but why not give us
    what Elder Scrolls fans really want, A Morrowind Re-Mastering or bring
    Daggerfall to modern consoles, I’m not going to pretend i’m excited for
    something I already got in 2011, but that’s just me

  33. Don’t worry Jim we will build a wall and keep Islam out for good. We love
    our fags and we’re gunna protect them. You included ?

  34. Another religious attack how shocking.

  35. End this execrable, excruciating endurance event entailing eager editors
    endlessly entreating eminent entertainment egotists for efficacious
    endowments of effluence!
    (also eggnog)

  36. Violence against women! We must censor it! Regardless of context! Censor,
    block, erase!

  37. what in the hell is going on in the start of this video ?

  38. I HATE when people say “gamers today are so spoiled!”. No, we were spoiled
    in 2007. Nowadays it’s pretty much expected that a game will launch with
    game-breaking bugs, constant server disconnects, and day 1 DLC and
    microtransactions to add insult to injury. It’s perfectly reasonable to be
    cynical and apprehensive about everything the games industry says and does
    in these dark times. We’re not spoiled, we were just used to better games
    and less bullshit.

  39. Is that video footage right before the shooting started?

  40. Let more 20 something angry male “refugees” immigrate. Yeah, that’s a good

  41. …were they playing Battlefield with Snoop Dogg before that stream?

  42. I guarantee 99% of the junk they demo, will not be in “the game” at launch
    ( or it will be downgraded ) …

  43. OR yea know, just stop watching e3..if nobody likes it..why do they even
    acknowledge it?

  44. You’re gay? Get the fuck outta here! I had no clue. And yeah, me and my
    hardcore Army Infantry bro’s joke around FAAAAAR more than you when it
    comes to dildo’s and shit.

    I’ll probably forget in a month or two so don’t be shocked if I post again
    like “Wuuuut, you’re gay?”

    You’re a good dude. Thank god for you.

  45. what was that movie with the guy in a mask i want to watch it :P

  46. So is Jim gay or bi? I was curious as I didn’t know until this video, but
    as a bisexual man myself, I approve regardless, it’s just that I didn’t

  47. Not only was the ISIS guy targeting gays, he was also targeting white
    people, so this was a hate crime against gay white people, so it should hit
    doubly close to home.

  48. Is Jim gay? I thought he lived with a woman. Is he bisexual?

    And, yeah. Mass shootings suck. I hope the culprit burns in hell soon.

  49. 900 mass shootings since sandy hook? Citation needed.

  50. I don’t know about this one Sterling. The argument basically boils down to
    “Stop whining about my whining”, and it seems a bit hypocritical. Sure, it
    may be annoying to have the positivity brigade whining, but this video just
    felt like whining about people whining that you’re whining over E3, and to
    me it just seems just as pathetic as the people you’re criticizing in the
    first place.

    The Orlando part was, however, extremely tasteful and very well done and it
    actually felt a bit comforting, so thanks for that.

  51. Yea, remember when games were fun? Remember when we didn’t have just
    gray/industrial first-person shooters? Those times were fun :(

  52. So when Jim says it hit hard to home does it mean he lives in Orlando or
    that he’s gay? Also may the shooter be executed for his actions

  53. When o When o When are you american’s gonna fucking understand that having
    automatic fucking weapons is not a fucking good things. Why isn’t there 900
    shootings since sandyhook in the UK, France? because they don’t have
    fucking automatic rifles. please stop this madness, get rid of these
    fucking gun laws. or get some fucking gun laws. 11 THOUSAND + people per
    year killed from guns. From yourselves. Killing eachother ffs. STOP THIS

  54. Good bit on Orlando. Religion is a sickness. Humanity is advanced enough to
    move past religion.

  55. (don’t bitch at me because I’m more focused on this than the shooting, I
    can’t do anything about it so I don’t care very much) WAIT JIM YOU’RE

  56. Respectively, what is Jim Sterling’s sexuality?

  57. So I guess according to Jim getting excited is the worst thing ever good to
    know. As long as you don’t pre order because seriously who does? And watch
    or read a review when it comes out I don’t see the issue with being excited
    at the possibility of something good coming out

  58. Every time I try watch E3 literally everyone talking just comes off as
    extremely insincere (and all of them are, for the most part). It’s just so
    fucking cringe that I can’t watch it.

  59. So far E3 has been nothing but COD/Online/Exclusive/Celebrity Fiasco…..

    **Sigh** I miss true Story Driven games…..

    And All the Announcers and Commentaters on the Games and Trailers need to
    stop and take it down a peg, especially the Two blokes during the
    battlefield gameplay. That Twat was way too aroused about it.

  60. crashandburnbirner

    Not a mass shooting Jim, its a terrorist attack done by a Muslim terrorist.

  61. TheInadequateGamer

    My country is about to let 30k of these tolerant open minded individuals
    in….. Fuck

  62. I’ve always said bitching is a man’s god given right, but so is bitching
    about people bitching, and right now Jim is bitching about people bitching
    about his bitching… I think? anyways bitch on everybody

  63. Grammar Nazi AUS

    13:23 It’s on the tip of your tongue Jim. Lemme help,
    The words your looking for are:

    Fuck Konami.

  64. do people actually think your serious ? sarcasm is form of lying

  65. This didn’t even need to be 7 minutes let alone 13.

  66. What, no Aliens Colonial Marines E-3 footage?

  67. I felt that last little bit was very poignant and far better than a ribbon,
    though I’m not knocking the ribbon. Thank you for that.

  68. i like how EA let the very fire of hell light their stand, very thematic

  69. Thanks for the after-credits bit about Orlando, it was a beautiful piece
    from the heart. Kia kaha bro.

  70. lmao “petty poopoos”

  71. Hey, Murika! Buy more assault rifles – purely for self-defence, of course.
    From your cold, dead hands, 2nd amendment, etc, etc.

  72. Everything you said at the end was well said, Jim.

  73. Did Jim back only “Friday The 13th” game or did he also back the one they
    tried copyrighting “Last Year”? Yes I know there is a third one now called
    “Dead by Daylight” just sad that people are wanting the copycat Friday The
    13th when Last Year hit the idea first plus we get lookalikes of jason,
    leatherface & micheal!

  74. On to the comment section to give nothing but a comrade half-smile and the
    word “fuck” sighed between my teeth. Thank you

  75. 7:48 those assets aren’t even from the same trilogy!

  76. Jim I really want to give you a hug right now :(

  77. Ryan Dollenmayer

    So that friday the 13th cringe preshow in the beginning is the closest
    contender to the legendary cringe of the now infamous Konami press
    conference all those years ago…

  78. Thanks Jim.

  79. “Awkward, old, *white* men trying to be cool.”

    Damn Jim. Awkward and old being counter productive to being cool – fair
    enough. *But race?* Damn Jim. That’s a pretty fucked up thing to say. It’s
    almost as though you subscribe to the quasi-feminist view that white males
    cannot be discriminated against.

    I’ll tell you that I like it when you stop giving me belters like that to
    complain about. Bonefide racism out of a seemingly intelligent man’s mouth.
    Tsk tsk.

    Edit: points for “recidivists”

  80. Fuck

  81. I think me and my brother had a riot riffing at the EA show. It was great
    and I am looking forward to Titanfall 2 and maybe mass effect andromeda but
    I can still point and laugh at EA tells us about Star Wars but shows jack

  82. are you sure that wasn’t a tim and eric sketch at the start

  83. I like it.

  84. Adam Al- Cryax, Curse

    thank god for jim :D

  85. The Orlando was a hoax just like the Boston bombing

  86. “I took a shower before I came, it tastes like feet, french fries, and

  87. Orbital Vagabond

    I think “Fuck” pretty much sums it up.

  88. Wait I thought Jim was Bi sorry? Oh well I guess my mistake then :)

  89. A Gigantic Apparition

    I think the most use I really get out of Twitter is Snark Week when E3
    rolls around.

  90. I feel for the families and friends of the victims who get to watch this
    senseless tragedy be exploited as a buzzword in every political debate from
    now until well-beyond the election.

  91. “Remember when games used to be about having FUN?!”

    Oh I remember, all right. I remember a time before day one DLC, before
    microtransactions, before “always online” DRM. I remember when the triple-A
    industry didn’t take content out of a game and hold it for ransom with
    preorder bonuses, when they didn’t try to shake you down for every nickle
    and dime you own with season passes. I remember when handheld games weren’t
    saddled with time gates, paywalls or annoying social media integration. I
    remember the days of cheat codes, expansion packs, dedicated servers, mod
    tools and free demos.

    Yeah, I remember when games were fun. The question is…do YOU?

  92. Go stuff yerself ya fat pudding nonce.

  93. I think a lot of us have just “fuck” as a quote when it comes to this, Jim.

  94. I honestly enjoyed Sony’s conference. Just a heap of actual games being
    shown with in-game footage one after another and very little talk. The
    orchestra was a nice little thing too actually. But then again I did real
    orchestras, they can be amazing.

  95. There’s never a good thing to say,

    “Fuck…” was all I could say

    “Fuck…” was all my mother could say

    “Fuck…” was all my dad could say

    “Fuck…” was the first word a ‘mute’ has said in 5 years.

    I’d say “Fuck…” is the only thing we can say because… Fuck…

  96. I will not give a shit for e3 unless the following games are announced :
    -a new alien vs predator game
    -a sequel for sacrifice
    -vampire the masquerade bloodline 2
    -Giant citizen of kabuto 2

  97. It’s hard to express the tragedy of events like this, but I appreciate the
    honest unfiltered words. Huge respect to you Jim.

  98. FIFA Story Mode:

    Press [X] to kick the ball.

  99. 4:49 ahhhh, title drop!

  100. Wow, didn’t even know you were gay.
    Cool :)

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