Is Loot Box Regulation Censorship Of Art? (The Jimquisition)

Loot boxes remain a touchy issue in the game industry, especially now that prospect of regulation has become very real. The defenses, the lies, and the propaganda in support of them has ramped up quite a bit.

The “AAA” industry is going along a rather expected path, hiding behind the concept of art to defend itself. If you regulate loot boxes, they argue, you’re censoring art.

David Jaffe has been going off on this very point, and his voice joins others in equating gambling with art. Either naively, or deliberately. Are they right? They are not.


  1. No. *Cue outtro music*

  2. I guess all laws, rules, and regulations needs to go because they are a form of censorship.

  3. Loot boxes? Not art
    The Slaughtering Grounds? Not art
    Jim dancing to chains of love? Let’s just say Picasso would be jealous of his artistic ability

  4. So many people crying “censorship”…guys. REGULATION is not banning or suppression. Nobody’s lootboxes are being banned. It just means that games with lootboxes in them are made adult-only.

    Nothing’s getting banned, unless you’re twelve year old and just need your lootbox fix.

    Stop it with this nonsense. Regulation =/= censorship/banning

  5. The sad moment when you realized you haven’t seen a FucKonami segment because they basically finished burying themselves.

  6. He’s a – He’s got a hard on for me.
    He’s a – He’s got a hard on for me.
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    He’s a – He’s got a hard on for me.
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  7. If you’re for lootboxes, you’re either profiting from it, addicted to it or to young to know that the stuff in lootboxes use to be free rewards for doing stuff in games.

  8. So casinos are… art galleries now?

  9. K22 N34_Dingowarrior

    Define Projection. Then look at Publisher’s and Developers.

  10. I remember when I was pro micro transactions and loot boxes. I feel only shame

  11. A mime stabbing people in the street can also be preformance art. Doesn’t mean it’s not evil and illegal.

  12. Lol, what a clickbait title…Hahahaha… wait, what? They, re serious? Let me laugh even harder!

  13. No no, you all misunderstood.

    The “Art” in “Electronic Arts” means Lootboxes, so Electronic Arts in fact means Eletronic Lootboxes.

  14. “what about publisher entitlement?” PAPA BLESS!

  15. “What are developers to do?”

    Yeah man. Without loot boxes, developers would be pretty screwed. It’s not like they can just sell these items individually or anything without relying on some random gambling nonsense.

  16. Loot boxes aren’t art, they are the degradation of art.

  17. But dont lootboxes put up paywalls for the items that can be considerd art?
    I see lootboxes as a form of censoring art. Or a least detrimental to it.

  18. In order for lootboxes and cliffhangers to be comparable, you’d have to pay per episode you watch, and there’s only a random chance you’d see the show (and episode) you actually want to watch.

  19. The real question: Is Lootbox Regulation Art?

  20. Fantastic video, Jim. How anyone can still defend the current shitshow that is the AAA industry is beyond me. But then again, people voting against their own interests sadly is nothing new either…

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