Go Cabbies!GB – The Clone Cars

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It’s time to GO with Go Cabbies!GB. Well, we’ll go when we’re not gawking at clones, trying to find objectives, and getting trapped by pedestrians.


  1. I don’t remember taxis looking so.. bad?

  2. Why_are_there _no_names

    ‘ello govna, where I seen ya before? you off the TV of somethin?

  3. This isn’t fiction, it’s actually an accurate representation of the streets of London

  4. A game where you need to spend two years memorizing the streets and routes before you can play.

    (Also I really hope tomorrow’s Jimquisition is on all the Randy Pitchford lawsuits and his porn/business USB drive).

  5. I thought you were a master at controlling ten a$$holes?

  6. If you could drive a carboard box id imagine it would handle exactly like that.

  7. “And where can ol’ Betsy ‘ake you today, sir?”

  8. I’m the dev,thanks Jim for reviewing

    And I’m lying,

    Fooled you

  9. Can we blast some buttrock and pretend it’s Crazy Taxi?

  10. Got a bit of oversteer to ‘er.

  11. oops, all porn

  12. Isaël Lebreux-Jacob

    There are SO MANY WINDOWS! Is this actually what London looks like?

  13. For an electric car the BMW i3 sure sounds like a tractor.

  14. N.obody Sevenhundred

    It’s like Crazy Taxi

    But not fun at all

  15. *This gameplay was more magical than Randy Pitchford’s thumb drive.*

  16. Eat your heart out, Forza Horizon 4

  17. those light poles… must be made of pure adamantium.

  18. If Jim starts a PornHub account for Steam Direct videos, I’d watch.

  19. I would actually love if he covered steam porn games on pornhub.

  20. This just makes me want a new Getaway game. Sob…

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