Iron Lung has been updated with ALL THE LORE YOU COULD EVER WANT! Plus a few more secrets that draw me back into the terror that is the blood ocean…

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  1. Ye, in the end of that SCP expedition they reach different universe.

  2. superhorrorbromark

  3. what if you do the Wobbly at the end because it’s teleports you away and mayby the Fish don’t like Wobbly


  5. Mark: Plays IRON LUNG
    YouTube: As yes, FNAF! I know that game!



  7. that_kid nobody_notices

    If anyone is interested, I highly recommend looking at anything about behind the scenes of the game. It’s really interesting. The whole map is a rendered 3d area, and *you* never actually move, you’re in a stationary cell. What’s moving is a camera that your controlling. It’s really neat and I highly recommend checking it out!

  8. God Lixian’s editing is flawless

  9. I love the ‘you are here’ mark faces. Makes it so much easier to follow

  10. mOZERix - Instrumentals

    is there a movie of a situation like this?

  11. WTF happened to 4546B ???? It’s gotten al red… o.O

  12. Love how it’s called the Unsinkable love the Space With Markiplier refrence

  13. I’m still curious if there’s a thing for moving into the wibbly wobbly.

  14. i always thought humanity in the game was a galaxy spanning government but the terminal makes it out to be we have only colonized mars . also maybe the reason we cant delve to deep into earth is because maybe there really was a ritual and some big group of cultists that controlled the planet. maybe thats why mars had such a bigger population because everyone left to escape the cults influence? and the coi is also controlled by cultists but in secret? it would maybe explain why no one was surprised that sm8 was destroyed by the only other life found left in the galaxy? because as cultists they know what the ritual did and what it brought into our galaxy?

  15. 𝔎𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱 𝔍𝔬𝔥𝔫

    The more I look at it. Lore is growing more and more lately in certain topics. Like the beginning of Iron Lung, Scps slowly coming back,including the back rooms. This may be the year of lore if not 2023 will be the year of lore. This shall be a fun event. I honestly think people should spread this message and try to actually make 2022 or 2023 the year of lore.

  16. I think that the planet Mark is on which has the blood pools might have actually been a home for actual humans. Like it was another earth or something and there might have also been something that ended that earth and when the blood pools might have been oceans or lakes and humans were probably fleeing to those lakes or oceans to seek cold water but Unfortunately the humans didn’t realize that whatever ended them might have melted them into a puddle of blood which then causes the ocean or lake to become a blood ocean.

  17. Iron also tends to rot in water or any liquids

  18. İsaberk Adiloğlu

    Game : has a lore

  19. cool game but sucks it has only one ending.

  20. Burokku 'Sekushī Kokku' Obama

    That definitely wasn’t worth an extra 30 minute video. Glad I watched it in 2x speed.

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