If CS:GO was an RPG

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It’s time for a !

Here is Counter-strike with a different !
Hope you guys enjoy the video, it was a stupidly fun to make this.
I know it’s been a very long time since my last upload but it was all for good reason.
I’m never not working on something and will always be creating, I look forward to releasing more soon!

Huge shout out to Holder for letting me use his amazing music, really great remixes and couldn’t really make this without him, please show some love to him!

Anyway, I love all the support you guys give me, much love to you all.



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  1. Glad to see that you still produce good quality videos , hard to find some decent vids on youtube these days <3 good job man, keep staying original 😀

  2. 0:30 Runescape
    1:20 Skyrim
    1:30 No Idea
    2:18 Skyrim
    3:02 Same No Idea as before
    3:19 Dark Souls
    3:29 Terraria

    In case you’re wondering which games the parodies were from.

  3. Clicky as always, you make the best frag videos. You’re a rare breed of CSGO youtubers, because instead of making mindless compilations that sync somewhat with the music, you put thought and creativity into the mix. You rock dude, keep up the good work.

  4. 2:00 He baited his teammate LMAO

  5. StereotypicalAsian

    I would actually play csgo if it was a rpg

  6. Clicky I hope you read this. You are seriously such a creative and inspirational person. I hope to one day touch the level of quality you create on a monthly basis. Please keep doing what you’re doing, ’cause I enjoy every single part of it!

  7. buying gf

  8. You nailed the RuneScape bit

  9. Bruh, you combining every fucking thing, first WoW, runescape, skyrim? Honestly I’d play this.

  10. what if an rpg is csgo

  11. 3:29 😀

  12. Single Hot Mom in Your Area

    Can you make one inspired on Hotline Miami?
    That would be some sick montage

  13. such a good day 🙂 clicky new vid

  14. dudeee, its not often i get chill by a fragmovie

  15. Why would you take the old man’s dick

  16. 3 months for this shit? nah im kidding, really good job keep it up

  17. If csgo was like League of legends

  18. Gotta love the runescape touch!

  19. so much work, holy fuck – it’s awesome

  20. The runescape music and layout gave me the chills

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