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Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos: https://apple.co/3K67gpC


  1. Gotta play season 3 of the Walking Dead Delirious !?!

  2. Hey delirious do you like Mexican people?

  3. What are those sound’s coming from the background ?

  4. Shotgun and sniper man’s just a different breed😭anyways its crazy it’s about 9 years of watching this man

  5. I never thought I’d see the day derlious plays apex

  6. I Love when he play this games

  7. editorlirious is delirious’s Jihi lol

  8. More of Apex legends

  9. ooh so H20 likes supernatural!~ ok he is my favorite gamer youtuber.

  10. Hey brotha just finished watching your fallout 4 playlist and it would be so amazing if you could do the other dlcs too pretty please and it would also be amazing if you played fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas, you’re amazing man and are so entertaining

  11. Delirious- I put up a wall
    Editorlirious- yeah they’re camping like little bitc**s

    Bro he’s pretty cool y’all should play more together

  12. Marie Sofie Belen Valmocena


  13. XSailorpurgequeenakaBratx

    Love editor lurious! 💙🩵💙🩵 he’s apart of the delirious army family ^_^

  14. Editorlirious is just male jihi 🤣

  15. Gg you need to grind with editorlirious get his gaming skills up not just his editing skills

  16. Love the APEX content 🤗🤗 .

  17. so exciting as the mobile version also Sub

  18. I like this big fan of apex

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