Bendy and the Dark Revival: Part 3

The citizens of Bendy and the Dark Revival SO happy! SO SO happy! SO SO SO VERY HAPPY!!

Play Bendy and the Dark Revival ►

Happy Outro ►


  1. Very good.

  2. That Flow ability reminds me of one of the abilities in Dishonored actually, looking at it and the way you move I mean.

  3. MARK DONT OPEN THE BOX, LEARN FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Why do people like the Bendy games so much?

  5. Slugs are usually quarters, not dollars. But that’s still almost 4$ for a coffee in the 70s.

  6. Downvote for lack of content on OF

  7. One Day, I will be Markiplier’s equal.
    Day: 152

  8. I thought he abandoned this. Nice to see him finish a game. *Cough* Vanish…

  9. The fact Mark just quit the Widow boss fight just because of game mechanic to save your health
    I’m sorry if this is a dumb reason, but wow, what the hell Mark?

  10. Queerest Candy Bosh

    Yay markipler uploaded

  11. I Havent seen this yet. Im gonna come back after watching the first two to get some context of what goin on.

  12. Mark! Slugs are used for vending machines and the food heals you!

  13. physical embodiment of the economy

    bald men

  14. never knew you stood up to overpriced coffee. not wrong tho

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