How To Not F2P Like A Total Wanker (The Jimquisition)

Sometimes, independent developers ask my advice on certain practices. I can only say what I like, but I’ll say that for .

Here are the clearest cut ways to avoid being a wanker in the market, as one dev was curious to know. I think this happens to be quite a fine episode.

Speaking of wankers though, we also gotta talk about Randy.


  1. It’s funny Aliens Colonial marines was so bad it gave Alien Isolation a bad name before it even came out. I didn’t even want to buy Alien Isolation because i thought it was another cash grab. Sad when your game is so shit that you give other peoples games a bad rap.

  2. Mystery Sword Studios

    Your lootbox comment is out of date. They made leveling happen at the same rate no matter what level you are so you get boxes consistently at the same rate all the time.

  3. Is that a walking cane or a magic staff?

  4. Why are there ads in my Jimquisition??????

  5. Nice to hear the old music again.

  6. Wait… Was that Drill Queen in the intro??

  7. You know a f2p mobile game I love? Jetpack Joyride.

  8. I think Path of Exile is another example of a free-to-play game that does microtransactions right.

    The vast majority of them are purely cosmetic. You cannot buy power. Not even exp boosts or stuff like that. The only functional ones are stash and currency tabs. And those are only really required for heavily invested players who play the endgame for hundreds of hours across multiple characters etc.

    And I would argue that, if you do indeed play a single game that much, dropping a measly 20 or so bucks for premium stash tabs and a currency tab is more than fair to support a game you get so much enjoyment out of.

  9. Aw I preferred the new theme tune.

  10. Gylfi Kristmundsson

    Ok Jim, development is free… if your patreon went down to 0 dollars and ad reveneu went completly away, would you keep doing this? A lot of the stuff you talk about here, would definetly be an issue like Development costing… servers do cost as well, and then there is investor incentive… the last one is actually the biggest issue securing funding for triple a titles… you know.. those 50-200 mill someone has to put up front, before production starts …..

  11. Don’t step to Jim you snake, just hold the L of making one of the worst games of all time, and keep what little shame you have left.

  12. I can’t believe this guy made the Borderlands games; one of my favourite franchises. The thought of him receiving my money sickens me. Every time I play them, it’s like having a sad wank.

  13. That’s why their little game “Battleshit” failed. They deserve it.

  14. Long live the duke. May his reign last eons.

  15. I find Warframe is doing it well, got over 2k hours in it and the stuff i bought with cash feel not wasted nor do i think i got too little for what i spent.

  16. Aletta Ocean? Hang on, gotta pause this video for a bit

  17. Actually, I can see one ‘Lock off content’ version which works, and that’s MMO’s where they let you play the first 10 levels or whatever for free, and then you have to pay if you want to go beyond that. That seems pretty fair to me, gives a chance to players to see if they like the game before investing in it fully (though I’m not an MMO fan, admittedly).

  18. Il be honest I don’t always agree with everything you say or do (who would that’s why where people and people are diffrent) but if been saying this for years, and all my friends think I’m mad, I stopped playing TF2 because lootboxes were added, I left counter strike too, Overwatch instant quit and now Rainbow six siege, my friends laugh because I won’t buy destiny 2 or PBGU due to poor boxes, BUT IT’S FUCKING DRIVING ME MAD WHY ARE ALL THESE THINGS THAT USED TO BE IN GAMES FOR FREE TURNING INTO RANDOM BOXES WHERE YOU NEVER GET WHAT YOU WANT? and everyone thinks in stupid because that’s how games are now…. fuck me I’m playing less and less these days and not just because of “muh careear” I’m just not feeling joy from games anymore because of shitty game devs that do all this.

  19. i dont think anything is wrong with lootboxes in overwatch. The skins don’t make a difference in gameplay. I understand the chance aspect but, if you don’t get the skin you want, you get the currency to buy the skins

  20. 21:00 Randy Pitchford saying, “Fake news isn’t actually fake news … We live in a world where DJ Trump is Pres. so lying is normal now.”

    A known liar pushing the leftist narrative, is that enough for you Trump Haters or not?

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