Homemade Nintendo Switch- “NinTIMdo RP”

I call it Nintimdo RP and it runs retropie software for pi. My inspiration came from Nintendo Switch, unfortunately it does not have capability to run switch .

Website: http://timlindquist.me
and 3D model: https://github.com/timlindquist/Nintimdo-RP

Hackaday: https://hackaday.io//27551-portable-raspberry-pi-gaming-console


  1. Simply awesome! Thank you for sharing the inventor files and code.

  2. Mad skillz. Mucho respect!

  3. Full respect and props. My Girlfriend made sure I commented. She is impressed with your focus and dedication. Summer well spent. 🙂

  4. Can I buy one from you?

  5. You know I would totally buy this man. This is pure genius and I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this. Indeed a summer well spent

  6. Sweet, but I’m assuming the controllers aren’t detachable. No big deal, this is way too cool already.

  7. This is cool but how is it on trending? It’s two weeks old and have 23k views

  8. omg pleeeease write a tutorial pleeeeeeeeeeease


  10. www.GPcarAudio.com

    Awesome dedication. You obviously put knowledge and education to the test here. Even looked like you were programming chips. Impressive.

  11. If you sell it how much will it be

  12. This is his first video, he’s on trending. The only problem is he has less than 150 subs. LET’S SUB!!!

  13. Take my money!!! Like seriously..

  14. Dude, what are doing? You’re supposed to launch this on kickstarter. You could be making some dough right now!

  15. more like a portable N64

  16. I went and compiled a list of all the things used to make this. The total turned out to be $320!! A little bit more than the actual Switch…

    Still very happy I tried it out, learned a lot and had fun making it! The excel sheet is on my webpage under the project if you are interested.

  17. Video games are a waste of time.

  18. This is really awesome, but it is more like a portable emulator for old Nintendo games based on what was shown. Unless it can somehow play games made for the switch.

  19. you cant take off the controllers. this is just a glorified PSP

  20. Music sucks, also nintendo is for fags.

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