Upgrading a $400 Gaming PC

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What happens when you buy a cheap computer and it into a gaming PC for $400?


  1. Low profile gt x 1050ti would’ve worked better

  2. I want to see it when it’s built properly. Show it to us then.

  3. For £500 I made a 1060 with an i5 7400. Just be pacient and wait for sales. Go to /r/pcsales

  4. Still sitting here with my 750ti

  5. Why not just get a GTX 1050ti low profile?

  6. You could build a far better PC with used parts for less money. The 1030 is garbage.

  7. wifi antenna cable right against the gpu fan, 10/10

  8. Close that metal thing first then install the GPU, doing so might fix that geometry issue.

  9. Hi Guys, just to help, Austin did not mention it but the correct video card that he needed to be able to close the case is “Gigabyte 1030 Low Profile Card”, i think its the only 1030 that has the shortest length. It comes in 2 models, one with a fan, one without the fan. Theres also a Fanless 1030 by EVGA thats similar in length. Hope that helps someone. Bye =D

  10. Cpt Electric-Falcon

    I’ve come to conclusion that austins pc vids sound the same

  11. Juan Carlos Celestino

    Guys did you notice the Cable Management on Prebuilt PC is Worst

  12. HispanicAtTheDisco

    All these people sharing their PC’s and judging each other.. Alright, I’ll throw my hat in the ring. lol

    EVGA 750W GQ
    Asus Sabertooth r2.0
    FX-8320 (4.2 ghz)
    Cooler Master EVO 212
    EVGA GTX 780 FTW
    16 gb RAM
    500 gb SSHD
    1 tb HDD
    All four case fans are Cooler Master Jetflo 120’s.
    Cooler Master Devestator II Keyboard an Mouse combo.
    KDS 1920×1200 monitor
    Logitech Z313 Speakers with Subwoofer.

    Judge away.

  13. Can you review the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Ultra GUA600 Gaming Desktop PC with AMD FX-6300 Processor, 16GB Memory, 2TB Hard Drive and Windows 10 Home (Monitor Not Included)

  14. ايمن الشافعي

    Cmon you wold do better for 400 dollars

  15. I will sub to anyone who subbs to me

  16. I hate the way he talks, like, he swichtes between a high tone to a low…

  17. Hey Austin I am building a gaming pc so I am having a doubt on the powerbank/Supply I am having a desktop powerbank/Supply so can i use that for my gaming motherboard? Pls anyone can help with my doubt

  18. So can I have it. Lol

  19. Does Austin wrap rubber bands around his arms to make his veins pop out?

  20. Please do 1500$ laptop pleasseee

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