Growing My Grandpa

The game is exactly as the title suggests. From the creator of Discover my Body comes the disgustingly wonderful horror game: Growing My Grandpa!

Play Growing my Grandpa ►

Horror Outro ►


  1. Come on bruh where is the sequel to that resident evil looking game

  2. I’ve missed marks single horror game episodes.

  3. That thumbnail is fire, say thanks to whoever made it for me 🙂

  4. FINALLY ANOTHER YAMES GAME! These are my absolute favorite, can’t wait for more to come in the future.

  5. THANK YOU! I got hooked on this game after the GameGrumps episodes and I was so sad when they never played it again

  6. *Oh hi Mark*

  7. You are absolutely awesome mate you’ve never failed to make me laugh or feel good

  8. I hate to love these style of games. So creepy, but they’re so well made!

  9. I am the 19th like

  10. Jesus, this video has been uploaded for 4 minutes and the bots are already spamming. As a social experiment, let us see how many of them will comment in my comment until tomorrow. I gonna say 7, but you never know how many of them there are.

  11. I’m super excited, I watched the Grumps play this one and they freaked out lol, I cant wait to watch this one!

  12. All Access Entertainment

    809th comment 🥳! Uploaded 4 minutes ago 🥳! Wow, people are fast 😲!

  13. This is a joke.. Please like it.. A fly will drink so much vodka it can hardly stand, but a bee will only take a little sip… Just enough to get buzzed….

  14. Woahh im early 😀

  15. My grandpa is a vegetable…
    can you grow him too?

  16. Just when we thought Mark was going to start playing tutorials for games

  17. When mark skips tutorials you know its gonna be a good time

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