Game Theory: Is Link the STRONGEST Video Game Character? (Legend of Zelda)

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It’s been a while since I talked about Legend of Zelda, and since Nintendo released a teaser trailer for Breath of The Wild 2, I figured it was about time we revisited the franchise. I’ve talked a LOT about this world, its timelines, and pretty much every version of Link there is – so what’s left? Well Theorists, today we are doing some heavy lifting and figuring out just how strong our hero Link REALLY is! 

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BEWARE Link’s Hookshot!
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper  
Editors: Josh Langman, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, Tyler Mascola, and Marc Schneider
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Bermam



  1. Link: “I fear no man…. but that thing”

    **A cucco clucks in the distance**

    “….It scares me”

  2. Game theory: Steve is infinitely strong

    Also Game Theory: Is link the strongest Game character?

    • @Erez Boyarski ok, so where does he keep all this 49408 metric tons? In his pants? You sure don’t see it on him anywhere. How does his pants put up with the weight? Why it’s there no bulges in his pockets from what he’s carrying? Why is he not sinking in the ground? Not even the ground of earth could put up with that much weight. So is everything in minecraft op as far as strength, including Steve’s pants?

    • @Erez Boyarski also his pants must be really strong to condense all that to where you can’t even see it in his pockets. So that makes his pants really strong lmao

    • @Stephen Ready one cubic metre of gold = 19.3 metric tonnes. multiply that by 40 (inventory size) and 64 (stock size) and you get 49408

    • @Erez Boyarski why are you just repeating yourself instead of answering the questions?

    • @Stephen Ready What question? you have multiple ones. can we just agree that Steve is stronger?

  3. Matt: “But hey, that’s ju-”

    Me: “HOLD UP! You said how strong Link was to lift the rock, but what about the height and distance he threw it BACKWARDS?”

    This theory ain’t over yet, folks

  4. *Reads title*

    *video doesn’t start with “dear Nintendo”*

    “Wait what?”

  5. 1:37
    “Bows, boomerangs, bombs, hookshots”
    Hey does anyone remember that time they go to the boomerang slides
    150 feet down at the water park?
    Even link is not brave enough to play that

  6. Matpat: literally makes a video talking about minecraft steve’s strength

    Also matpat: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that

  7. I love how you end the episode with him lifting a 146m, 1.5 million pound object from two points in the worst position to grab it from (best out of it, though) and then never even mention him *YEETING IT 500 METERS BEHIND HIM!!*

  8. What about the video that does the math of Link stopping a Lynel dead in his tracks with one shield bash?

  9. You said he could compete with steve. Steve can hold entire universes in his pocket. (Austin video)

  10. This seems off to me like he would be able to punch holes in castle walls off and going by graphical representations should be off the most detailed version and since that is the case the shield is wood core with a sheet of metal on it but setting that aside. The same link is not present game to game… For example wind walker is not the link from majoras and the link to the past link is not the one in orcarina.

    Ganon’s appearance is a repeating cycle Link and Zelda are reincarnations. So one link might not be as strong as the next.

  11. 2:01 you definitely missed a triceps joke right there

  12. This video: exists

  13. Steve: I am the strongest character in gaming ever
    Kirby: Hold my inhaling ability

  14. 10:50
    I’d like to quote a headline
    “ Americans will use anything as measurements”
    The most common is the fridge

    • now hold on, he didn’t use them to measure. he measured and then gave them as a comparison. this just helps people visualize something that otherwise would be just a big number. if i said something is 50 kilometers long you would know what it means but mentally you would just think “oh that is long” but you wouldn’t be able to accurately picture it if you don’t have something to put it in perspective. that is all he is doing, listing a equivalent. giving a example is hardly something only Americans do like your implying. as for why a fridge, simple, its a very common box shaped object, now yes they vary but most people have or at least have seen the more standard sized ones. now i get the whole give Americans crap mentality that many have, some have points to them, but most of it is just ignorance. and frankly you mentioning a headline sounds a lot like you read very bias propaganda.

    • Gary Kerwin fair, Ive just seen it quite a lot recently. Also my reply was a joke. I hope that got across?

    • @Logan Miller thats good, with text its hard to tell if its a joke or not. And sadly ive heard many say near identical thing with a hundred percent seriousness many times, so i kind of leaned towards it wasn’t one. And just to clarify heard, not seen… so yeah glad it was a joke.

    • @Logan Miller yeah I know I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything of the sorts

    • Gary Kerwin and hevensdragon
      We’re all on the same page
      But I do appreciate the critical commentary, btw I am an American
      So I use these comparisons sometimes. Yet another thing that was not clear from the start.

  15. Matpad: “Link is the strongest videogame character”
    Steve: Hold my chest full of chest full of chest full of chest full of chest… Full of gold

  16. 5:55 JERUDO! Isn’t it pronounced gerudo?

  17. Hi there how are we today is no one going to talk about how Mat said “Jerudo” instead of “Gerudo”

  18. Whoa whoa whoa. Hold up. We have a Game Theory episode with:
    * No mention of FNaF
    * Focus on science/math/physics
    * No sponsorship
    * Not a part 1 video of several
    * Pixel measurements
    * No clickbait in the title

    If you had mentioned “tangential learning” or given a final thought, I’d have squealed from my office desk. 9/10, this is why I haven’t unsubbed yet. <3

  19. 10:35 There’s no way that rock is 146 meters tall and 30 meters wide. 30 to 40 meters tall maybe. 4 or 5 meters wide at most. The great Pyramid in Egypt is 146 meters tall. A basketball court is 28 meters wide. Is there another reason you didn’t wanna do the measurements?

    • I also strongly disagree on the hylian shield being a full meter in size. that would stretch from the top of his head to the mid-thigh. (Yes, i measured myself.) if Link’s height is 1.7m (5.58 feet.) then a 1 meter shield would take up more than half his body size. 1m (3.28 feet.)

      This is why math is important kids.

  20. Pfft, we all know that Kirby is Link’s gym coach.

    Kirby: Do arms!

    Link: what about the rest of my bo-

    Kirby: *Intense glare*

    Link: *hammercurls nervously*

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