G2A Claims It’s The Ultimate Victim After Being Proven To Sell Stolen Keys

Last year, G2A smugly offered to pay ten times the costs for any game proven to be sold fraudulently on their site. One developer took them up on it and is now owed almost $40,000 after it was demonstrated that, yes, many stolen keys were being sold.

G2A has battled credible accusations of enabling fraud for years. The grey market business has made plenty of cash reselling cheap keys for games, but many of those keys are alleged to be stolen. G2A has always disagreed it’s a problem, until now… but now THEY’RE the victims!

Retconning recent history, G2A is pretending that it’s always been concerned about fraud, and that it’s the one “ultimately” suffering at the hands of game thieves. You couldn’t make it up, but G2A could… it makes stuff up all the time!

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  1. G2A played the Victim Card!

    It’s not very effective…

  2. G2A: We don’t sell stolen keys!
    *gets called out with proof*
    G2A: How could you sell stolen keys to us 😭.

  3. We’re so confident that we’re AHNEST about not selling stolen keys, that we’ve closed the offer to not let other devs prove it too.
    -G2A, while crawling back to their roaches’ den

  4. I love how G2A tries to say they had no part in the “illegal acquisition” of the stolen keys, like they are doing nothing wrong. Let me remind you that developers say they’d rather you pirate their games than buying it on G2A

  5. I would immensly enjoy this if i didn’t knew 40k might be what G2A makes per day and they sure as shit don’t pay taxes anywhere.

  6. Laurence Price-Webb

    Imagine helping a thief and not even having the audacity to be quiet about it. They literally snarked their way to getting caught.

  7. The only difference between G2A and a money laundering scheme is that G2A is quicker to say.

  8. the world’s smallest violin is now playing just for G2A

  9. Celldweller Fangirl

    I like how smug they’re acting when they were literally proven wrong. They do realise they’ve literally just said out loud that they sell illegal copies of games right? Can’t they be sued for this seeing they just admitted to facilitating fraud?

  10. “Those cars are not stolen! Only 2/3 of them are!”

  11. I think it’s worth noting how they went from “fraud is absolutely no big deal that we are willing to pay 10x back in lost sales” to “fraud is such a big problem and yet we’re still willing to cover the FULL cost!”.
    Went back on the payment there a little

  12. “These keys weren’t stolen, they were just received and sold under false pretenses. See, completely different!”
    – G2A

  13. “limited-time offer” is all you really need to know about G2A’s sincerity.

  14. When I see streamers with that *’G2A’ logo or ‘cdkeys’ logo* on their stream, I immediately lose respect for them…. if they’re OK with partnering with thieves just for money, then they’re just as bad as the thieves themselves… It’s why I stopped watching Kripparian, Trump and MANY other streamers… They have zero morals if they’re willing to put their face to a money-laundering operation…

  15. when I hear G2A I have this mental image in my head of a shady pawn store in a british slum and the vendor is this really crummy, sweaty middle aged man wearing a dirty tracksuit, and he has gold chains and bracelets, and he’s always chewing something, and right next to the door he has a muscle unit just sitting there, scatching his balls and on the lookout for costumers.
    this is G2A in my head, only it’s digital.

  16. Its all the more satisfying that its Factorio that had stolen keys sold. The game is like crack. G2A was selling stolen crack.

  17. Cheese Henderson

    I’m sorry, but did they really refer to paying companies what they’re owed as a “limited time offer?”

    Uh, OK.

  18. The power of “NUH UH” only lasts so many years.

  19. “It’s not a problem!”
    “It’s not our problem!”
    “It’s their problem!”
    “IT’S EVERYBODY’S PROBLEM!!!” …seriously, just close your doors, G2A, the jig’s up, and you were caught dealing in stolen goods.

  20. “Even if I stop killing people tomorrow, do you really think murdering will stop?”

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