The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle: Official Gameplay Trailer

Discover what you can do for the world in The Sims™ 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!* Sustainable living starts with reducing, reusing, and recycling, but it goes far beyond that. Learn more here:

Every choice you make affects your community—and their choices affect you too! From the power sources you rely on to how you design your home to the Neighborhood Action Plans you vote for, even the smallest changes can have a huge impact. Will you go green or embrace the swarms of flies?

Available June 5, 2020, on PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.

Learn more about this Expansion Pack:
Preorder now for PC, Mac, and Xbox One:



  1. Lmao everybody says “I really dont like this” and these guys come back with “here’s this video to convince you that you will, in fact, despise it.”

    A bold strategy indeed.

  2. I thought when we saw the bug in the reveal trailer it would be like, raise bugs to make better gardens with fertilizers and organic ways to raise them. NOPE! Wow. “Be eco-friendly. Eat bugs.” Well that’s just insulting to vegetarians and vegans who live perfectly great eco friendly lives WITHOUT having to eat bugs. This just misses the mark on what we want over and over again.

    • Thank you! I thought it was gonna be mostly grown veggie plant based dishes! So what’s the point of having a vegan equivalent trait come out with this pack for “cRuChY ALterNaTiVeS”!? 🐛🐜🦗 wow yum *not*

    • TheSarcasticSimmer

      Some people do eat bugs, some don’t 🤷‍♀️ if you don’t want ur sims to , u don’t have to lmao

    • @TheSarcasticSimmer yeah but it kinda defeats the purpose of vegans in the Sims which we wanted more dishes for and thought we could get in this EP

    • TheSarcasticSimmer

      Bri B I didn’t think about it that way, hopefully they’ll be options for non bug food? I do think there should be more recipe options in general but yeah especially for vegans and vegetarians as my sims tend to always eat the same thing lmao

  3. Isaias Agustini

    I was pretty excited about this, but…. The sentence “whole town falls in love with trash” was a little letdown for me. Another stupid town with a bunch of dumb sims that are always happy no matter how awful everything seems. So The pollution will be another cute funny thing and sims will still walk happy around streets, no sicknesses, weather impact, nothing? Ugh.

  4. The amount of cringe in this video is immaculate.

  5. Parafolk reveal: Here´s our work, height shaders, body and face freckles, costumizable body/face, costumizable hair with roots, base and hair tips with color wheel.
    Sims 4: hErE´s tRaSh ughhhh eCoLiVinG

    PS: I really hated seeing a lot of recycled animations, bee´s animation on flies, recycled animation on dumpster from sims 3, after woohoo on dumpster animation when they finish its the vampire woohoo on the coffin, there´s no kitchen counters (for what i saw on the trailers), signing the petitions recycled from signing autographs from get famous, selling trash animation recycled from “festivals” (flea market and jungle adventure market). Also… how childish do you have to be? The majority of the players are adults… but yeah, this is just cringy.

    • I mean, I agree with you. But I feel like the game isn’t just for adults. I know a lot of different people who play the game.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the recycled animal. And also, from the first trailer where that sim was looking at the larva and ‘hugged?’ it… It wasn’t even touching him. Idk, it just looks does stupid

    • Sims is targeted to a Teen audience. Hence being rated T. But mostly adults play it. Now of course it doesn’t really matter as people of different age groups have different interests and we can’t control what they like or the games they play, but this pack is just tedious. As if we aren’t already scrambling to fix our sims, maps, and the houses to look better than the basic crap they left us to work with, now they give us extra junk. Then, there’s the collectors who like to have every single pack that are going to have to deal with either looking at that empty icon for the rest of their sim days, or die suffering while glancing at the bull cash-grab pack items in their game. And THEN, for the simple requests that are NOT being filled, we instead have to replace with game breaking mods. 😒

    • @chocolate cream That’s true

    • I think it is one of the best addons. I better not buy most others

  6. Bobbie Discuillo

    Sims Community: We want more gameplay for other life stages
    EA: let’s show the kids playing in trash

    • Something that they can already do without needing this pack…

    • Yeah educating kids for eco life than killing people and build brick for defense

    • With the same exact animations of jumping in puddles or playing with the water sprinkler 🙄

    • Razin Prokhorov

      ❤️ 💛 💚 18+
      ❤️ 💛 💚 18+
      ❤️ 💛 💚 18+

    • @Hanif Antoni isn’t it ironic how ea, a multi billion dollar company, isn’t donating a single penny made from this pack to an environmental charity? and how they’re teaching their apparently very young target demographic that it’s their job to fix pollution and climate change while goverments and major industries are doing nothing about it, even though they have the power to? this isn’t educational, this is a very sheltered and corporate view on sustainable living

  7. So basically you want me to pay $40 to woohoo in a trashcan and make candles. Sounds legit 🙃

    • Friendly reminder that there’s already a functional candle making mod for the sims 4 that gives you more candle options than this so they really want you to pay to have sex in a dumpster and something that you can get for free

  8. This whole trailer is a “weird flex” – I think im too old to understand why that was used there or am I right in saying it forced in as awkwardly as this expansion pack is to this whole series.

  9. EA still hasn’t officially stated they will donate any profits to the environment, but hey, at least we have DUMPSTER woohoo.

    • My thoughts exactly — they’re out here virtue signaling eco-lifestyles and sustainable living, but I’m 90% that half of the sims team don’t believe in the very thing they advertise. I don’t think many of them are actively living off-the-grid or eating insects on the daily (neither do I, but once a month, my partner and I go to a restaurant that exclusively features meals made with/out of insects; it’s still a rather pricey alternative here in Germany in compraison to countries such as Thailand, which is a shame.)

  10. me: mom i want paralives
    mom: we have a simulation game at home already
    simulation game at home:

    • Audanius Vesuvuis

      xXEmiXx 😛 possible future contender for the sims, but an already brain dead and frankly toxic community

    • Only here for these type of comments😂

    • @Audanius Vesuvuis That’s what scares me the most about it. It’s a good game but the community is starting to get toxic which is something that I hate to watch

    • Don’t get your expectations to high for paralives it is only indie and will take time, probs won’t be great right away and it seems really good so I don’t want it to be taken badly like this pack because of our expectations

    • @Iris does stuff ?????? if paralives turns out to be a good game, itll be a good game no matter what. its not because ts4 has been disppointing for years that this will be too

  11. Terrible animation, it’s freakin 2020…
    Oh yea EA is a joke…

  12. As soon as I heard “Weird Flex, but okay” I IMMEDIATELY scrolled to the comment section!

  13. Maggie watching this video like: 👁👄👁

  14. Us: we want-
    EA: I don’t recall asking

    • @Brittany Prather I think people wanted a game pack, not expansion.

    • @Seki Yeah, that’s what feels off, that this is a full expansion and not a smaller one. Same thing with Island Living, which doesn’t feel like it does enough to justify the price of an expansion. Hell, I feel like some of the Game Packs, like Realm of Magic and Vampires, were much more involved in the way they expanded gameplay.

    • This is so accurate lol

    • Brittany Prather

      @Seki Thats not the issue. Until people actually have the pack people will always think X pack should have been X pack instead. We never see everything introduced in a pack trailer people just take it at face value.

      Maybe it is maybe it isnt we dont really know its overall value in delivering on gameplay to expand upon.

    • Kierra Richardson


  15. Why is she talking to us like this? How old are we😂😂

  16. “Weird flex” like literally no one even says that anymore…

    • Having a trash town affects sims negatively:
    o They get sick more often
    o They get negative moodlets (unless they have the ‘slob’ or ‘lazy’ trait)
    o The weather will be affected because of the pollution (warmer)
    • Having a green town affects sims
    o Some sims get allergies (because of increased pollination)
    • Introduce cars! (To give us a reason to want ‘eco-living’, there needs to be some form of pollution in the game)
    o Sims who live a more ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle will use bikes (you can introduce new bikes or scooters)
    • Sims can have recycle bins instead of trash bins (different colours for different things) – as a low effort alternative to doing the things shown in the trailer
    • Introduce birds as pets, or birds/bugs that come visit your lot if it is green. E.g. butterflies, moths etc.
    o Kids can then have a butterfly catching hobby/animation, and can keep butterflies in a case
    o Or even have an ant-colony as a ‘pet’
    • Introduce rats, flies and cockroaches when things are not clean
    • Boreholes – to reduce your bills you can install a borehole.
    • Other craftables besides candles (such as bracelets made from seashells, a mirror with a pebble frame, wax statues that melt in the heat, soap-making etc.)
    o That said, the candles look very same-y, maybe the higher your candle-making skill the better candles you can produce (e.g. rainbow candles, geometric candles, scented candles)
    • A chamber-pot (a toilet that doesn’t require water, and the stuff it produces can be composted in your gardens)
    • A bath-tub that can be emptied into a bucket and the water reused
    • A toilet-sink combo where the water from the sink fills the toilet to be flushed.
    • A cabinet where non-perishables can be stored (instead of a fridge) or an ‘ice-box’ like they used before fridges.
    • Poisonous plants can infect your other plants and causes problems when harvesting or eating these plants (if you don’t care for them correctly)
    • Fix ‘Laundry’ so it works off the grid (the tub can be emptied and refilled without a sink or from the pond, for example)
    • Planting trees instead of just placing them, and watching them grow.
    • Protest groups that can protest against Industrial waste (can trigger a negotiation where your sim would have to do something), or fund-raising parties for conservation (goaled events)
    • Using energy efficient lightbulbs that reduce the bills.
    o Have the ability to insulate your home (so you don’t need that thermostat thing in winter)
    o Have the ability to open windows in summer!!!
    o I don’t know if this works since I’ve never tried, but the fireplace should also keep your home warm when lit and needs to be cleaned out afterwards.
    • Litter
    o Slob sims litter without noticing (like toddlers when they make a mess)
    o Sims with allergies can leave tissues on the floor
    o Neat and ‘loves the outdoor’ sims will automatically pick up litter, and become tense when there is litter around
    • Sims should reduce, reuse and recycle instead of buying new objects (can tie in with a yard sale where your sim can mark objects for sale, like in City Living)
    • Sims can make their own cleaning supplies.
    • Encourage sims to ‘fix it, don’t throw it’. This will make sims repair an object in the home instead of replacing it automatically.
    • An oven fuelled by fire instead of electricity. Reduces bills.

    Just a few suggestions. Feel free to add your own 😛

    • If this pack had all your suggestions, then it would most definitely be worth the $40 price tag.

    • @Here imagine some creative and cool name I imagine cars working like it did in TS2, where it’s just an animation of the car backing out of the driveway onto the road and then driving off screen (or disappearing)

    • @Mystique I never buy packs when they come out, I wait until the 50% off sale lol

    • Hey, I have suggestion – HOW TF ARE YOU NOT WORKING FOR THE SIMS

    • @Schaemia your ideas are very cool, but I’m sure that SimGurus came up with at least half of them. We have to be realistic, they won’t do all of this in one pack, because they need to save ideas for future expansions, in fact, they work in commercial company and they have to make money. I’m not complaining, I’m okay with this, because a lot of companies work this way… 🌱

  18. The entirety of Sims 4 was doomed the minute EA held a gun to our head saying:
    If you don’t buy this game, you ain’t getting a Sims 5.

    Ummm, we all been knew for 6 years now. Let EA hang itself with its own rope / stop buying this literal trash anymore.


    Sims Community: We want more gameplay for other life stages
    EA: let’s show the kids playing in trash

  20. Honestly, I’m so proud of us as a community for coming together and trashing EA.

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