From the Overwatch League Office | Welcome Our Initial Seven Teams

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It’s with great pleasure that we announce the first seven city-based teams entering the League.


  1. Nothing in Europe…great.

  2. Subutai - Overwatch Memes and Skits

    tfw Blizzard don’t care about Europe

  3. rip Europe

  4. Jesus, is this going to crash and burn… Hope I’m wrong though :/

  5. Unit Lost - Great British Gaming

    Looking forward to this, hopefully it turns out awesome 🙂

  6. Please notice us South Africans. If you won’t give us a server at least give us a team.

  7. dudebroica gets 5 teams yet the WORST region? im out, this “esport” is allrady dead. bai

  8. Livestream Moments

    Europe got fucked lmao, this whole system sucks balls honestly, screwed over other orgs.

  9. The buy-in and player slot prices are RIDICULOUS, especially for such a small eSport as Overwatch. And I really prefer teams with their actual names, not cities. Also, a professional league where you need a lot of money and/or investors to buy into is not fair or skill based to bring out the best talent…
    As seen there are no European teams yet, because there aren’t willing investors.
    Overwatch really needs to improve the spectator experience first before asking for these numbers.

  10. Kids that spam RIP EU, RIP LATAM and what not, please understand these are 7 out of the 28 spots they are offering. Thanks.

  11. 5 of the first 7 teams are American.
    What a great message.

  12. For those that are upset that their location wasn’t announced. I’m sure there are more teams to come. I read rumors that Stephen Ross (Miami Dolphins Owner) bought in and they didn’t announce the team he owns yet.

    I can’t wait for this league to start. Especially since I have a home town team in Miami/Orlando.

  13. 7 teams in season 1 when there are at least 18 tier one teams. gg blizzard. ow pro scene was fun while it lasted

  14. Get ready for a crash landing cause blizzard is jumping into e-sports without a parachute LUL

  15. this seems like the most bloated cash grab esport infrastructure ever for a game that literally looks like visual vomit spam walking down a street until they build up their ultimate economy.

    the fact the cash grab/gold rush pulled in the top of esports media in hopes of making $$$ (monte, thorin, etc) is hilarious based on the games fairly hollow competitive design.

    and the fact it’s taken this long to organize…. money talks until no one gives a shit. ghost town incoming.

  16. What OWL is trying to do is create infrastructure for eSports. League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2 and others have simply done a organization system rather than try to get real-world attachments. If eSports are to ever be taken seriously, having ties to actual cities are needed (American basketball/football teams, European football teams, etc). It might suck for up-and-coming orgs, but it creates a genuine system in the long run.

  17. ” I hope there’s my medium european city ”
    ” I hope there’s a city from my country ”
    ” I hope there’s a city from my continent ”
    ” well fuck you your game isn’t watchable anyway “

  18. We all know south Korea will win in everything…

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