DAWN OF THE KILLER ZOMBIES – Yawn At The Flipped Assets

The doctors say I can’t overexert myself so I reached for some low hanging fruit.


  1. Cheesio [I play the games]

    “Graphics: Fantastic.”

  2. This is 2017, right?

  3. Jim is back

  4. 69 views.

  5. m4 with 11 bullets magazine, ok

  6. Glad to hear you are better and out of the hospital.
    Thank God for You.

  7. my god the name is retarded

  8. Wow greenlight is still pouring out its shitsoup for the homeless

  9. What kind of magazine only holds 11 fucking rounds.

  10. Much like it’s namesake, the zombie fad refuses to die.

  11. I’m going to guess the military assault rifle the default weapon is modelled on does not usually have an 11-round Magazine as standard, what a curious number to choose…

  12. What kind of crappy rifle is this? It’s got only 11 bullets per clip and yet it’s automatic.

  13. This developer has multiple asset flips and several law infringing games on Steam, be sure to cover the rest.

  14. Why do you always pick the name Chungus?

  15. I already thought Jim was insane, and then he released two videos over two days, one of which he was in hospital with a failing gall bladder.

  16. “I play it so you don’t have to”. Waaait a second. Black jacket and headwear, red tie, random fits of rage, the occasional z-list celebrity cameo… Nah, must be just my imagination.

  17. Its been so weird without your videos in my notifications, Jim.

  18. What I find hilarious is that they call the default graphics setting “Fantastic”. Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, you fucking thieving hack.

  19. Good to hear Jim is getting back into wrestling, what are your thoughts on AJ styles?

  20. Grave Violation Ritual

    90% sure I’m hearing the Fallout 1/2 OST as background music here.

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