Fallout 76’s Nukes Stopped Working Because It’s 2019

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Fallout 76 rang in the new year by forgetting how its nukes worked. You know, the thing Fallout 76’s PR hinged on.

The game had to be taken down because as soon as it became 2019, the timers went screwy and the bombs went bye-bye. Fallout 76 has become a humiliation conga line for Bethesda and apparently there’s no end in sight.

Source: https://kotaku.com/fallout-76-starts-off-2019-with-glitched-nukes-1831436569

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  1. It was a bug, the launch codes weren’t meant to work untill 2076. Consider yourself lucky to get limited early access.

  2. I like how the big end game event is a nuke in Fallout 76. Remember in Fallout 3 when that was the end event in an OPTIONAL, LOW-LEVEL SIDE QUEST?

  3. Harrison Lichtenberg

    Bethesda did everything wrong with this game. Every conceivable thing.

  4. I’m just gonna go back to fallout New Vegas and nuke the Legion and NCR at my leisure.

  5. 4:35 To quote you in realtion to that Polygon review “who was greasing whose palms and with what horrible, horrible grease?!”

  6. I have to defend Bethesda on this one. Because this is not a bug. They just never programmed the nukes to work after 2018. I mean who could have known that anyone would play this shitty game for more than a few days? Nobody predicted that. So, the devs just though don’t bother with programming for next year. Nobody will be playing the game by that time anyway.

  7. oh god this people cant do something right? at this point it sounds like a sitcom.

  8. This game was gifted to me for Christmas, i decided yesterday to finally boot it up, sadly i didn’t have a whole lot of time to play it and had to quit before even finding the overseer’s camp. Loaded it up today and found that the quest no longer had objectives and couldn’t be tracked. I found the camp on my own, but no quest complete, no quest progression, nada. I don’t know if that is a “Feature” of the game that quests just time out after a while, or if they just expected that no one would stop playing after the first 5 minutes and left in a way to break the starting quest. So yea, not sure if i’ll be loading it up again at all. I just stood by the camp for a good 10 minutes, not sure what i should be doing, and then turned off the game to play a Dungeons and Dragons idle game instead, because that felt more rewarding.

  9. When Bethesda is so incompetent they actually make Y2K happen 19 years later.

  10. Bethesda is like a guy who never learned to shake after taking a piss and every goddamn time he walks out of the bathroom he can’t understand why everyone is laughing at the wet streak down the front of his pants.

  11. So does mean Fallout 76 is less advanced than computers from pre-2000?

  12. Lord LunaEquie is me

    It never ends! Has Bethesda decided to become Mr. Bones Wild Ride?

  13. Guitarhaus doesntknowwhatacommunistis

    Christ, the last time an MMO shipped from a AAA developer that was this fundamentally flawed the CEO offered a public apology and cancelled the subscription fees for everyone who bought the game.

    Now while FF a realm reborn went on to be a smash hit because SE felt the need to reafirm that it dereved it’s accolades and respect from the masses, I simply don’t see bethesda being able to put in that kind of effort because in the past 7 years they’ve consistently failed to; they’ve relied on the fanatacism of the modding community to prop up their shitty writing and coding to the point where I’ve seen people who were so out to lunch that they claimed my issues with skyrim were entirely my fault because I had the gall to play it on console.

  14. This has to be an actual record, creating a new bug the very SECOND 2019 began. This is insane…

  15. I still don’t get the nukes in a fallout game, the whole point of fallout is to teach people the danger of it using satire so why is it that we can throw nukes for fun

  16. Mark my words: “Fallout 76’s journey will continue with Elder Scrolls 77, an offline single player incomplete game that will be released in Q4 of 2019.”

  17. There’s something about Dark Nuka Rum going on right now, too?

    Next week, the bosses are gonna stop working or something.

  18. Never liked Polygon

  19. How to fix this terrible industry for 2019:

    1) Never buy anything from Activision, EA, Konami, Ubisoft, nor Warner Bros (if there is any other publisher you don’t like, add them to this list). Any game from them now will have ruined potential and will always be badly designed on purpose to sell microtransactions, lootboxes, and cheat codes. Create the stigma that anything with these publisher’s name on it is a lesser product _because it’s true._

    2) Never pre-order any game. Waiting until the game comes out to give them money will force them to make sure it’s a functioning, bug-free (as possible), complete game.

    3) Wait until said publishers are downscaled/bankrupt from lack of sales. Even if they change their ways after suffering financial struggles, they’ll just go back to their current agenda once they’re back on top again. Let them burn in bankruptcy. They never cared about you. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

    4) Wait until they’re forced to sell IPs and franchises to better publishers in order to cut costs from going under. Developers let go from this should also be given employment opportunities from said publishers. This is, unfortunately, the only drawback to this plan as there’s no telling what will happen to said franchises and developers.

    5) Spread. This. Message. Anyone who says “this won’t work” is doing EXACTLY what these publishers want. The moment you give up and think uniting against exploitative and terrible business practices is fruitless is the moment you lose. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. This has worked before and it will work again.

  20. Next time a game under delivers to the point that pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it we now have a proper term for it: Wow they went full Bethesda.

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