Top Ten Shittiest Games Of 2018 (The Jimquisition)

2018 was the long, long year, but finally we are at its end. At the End of Time, there is only one thing to do… look at the shittiest games of the year!

Join Skeletor as we look at a year in which high profile stinkers ruled the roost. From Fallout 76 to Dynasty Warriors 9, we have some obvious – and not so obvious – games to look at.


  1. Didn’t the Culling 2 bomb so hard and so badly that the dev said that he’d not only take down the game and give refunds, they were going to revert majority of the changes to the first game to move it back to how people liked it?

  2. I need a complete Skeletor cover of Country Roads.

  3. God, the year was worse than I thought.
    Metal Gear: Survive is only #10.

  4. I’m happy to say I haven’t played any of these, other than the We Happy Few demo for a few minutes. Hooray for good game decision making.

  5. Hunt down the freeman and MGSurvive came out THIS YEAR? And I forgot we happy few even existed!

  6. Honorable mentions missing on this list:
    – FIFA19 for continuing the Wilson lootbox, ignoring Belgium lootbox law and for the simple fact that many pro tournament players left the franchise and stated how the gameplay is no longer skillbased and utterly broken. Search youtube for “kickoff-glitch”. Thats how #1 players won this years tournaments. *facepalm*
    – NBA2K19. Obviously.
    – Read Dead Online for the broken release it is (yes its called beta but the state its in is just shameful), neglecting Singleplayer bugs ever since it came out, 1/1000 times dollar income compared to Singleplayer forcing you to buy ingame cash for real cash and of course additional ingame currencies such as goldbars. What a shitfest this game is. 9/10 Singleplayer, 2/10 Online.
    – ATLAS for the completely broken promise, planned as DLC for Ark but for more money instead released as a full separate game and using the “its Early Access its supposed to be shit” excuse. Its a scam, 27% in reviews on Steam and most of the positive ones are just people memeing for attention.

    2018 imo has been the shittiest year for gaming i ever witnessed. I played 2 major titles this year because the rest was just underwhelming, broken and/or monetized to death (most of them all 3 combined). RIP 2018, i will not miss you.

  7. The reality you fear

    This year has taught me how stupid many gamers are. People defending some of the worst ant consumerism ever. I hope the games industry fleeces them for all the money they have. Good riddance.

  8. The Quiet Man is horrible to start with, but it becomes stupider once you get access to the voice packs. Apparently, the detective dude IS the main character’s dad. He resents the main character for getting the mom killed, so he found a woman who looked exactly like her and was desperate to disappear because her singing career was going too well and convinced her to become the main character’s girlfriend so that she could get fake kidnapped and the blame put on the main character’s best friend Taye. Oh, and the plague bird thing is the dad dressed up as it based on a drawing the main character did as a kid.

    Oh, and in the end, the main character and his dad reconcile and lived happily ever after.

  9. The We Happy Few clip with the guy moving in a sitting position is not a glitch, British people do that so they can drink Tea on the go.

  10. *Mentions metal gear survive again*
    “Why are we still here, just to suffer?”

  11. 18 minutes left here in Australia til 2019 so happy early new year

  12. I was so sad that We Happy Few turned out to be so terrible. 🙁

  13. I thought your overview of Agony was very comprehensive

  14. 20:05 ‘Chains of Love’ – Erasure. If anybody’s wondering.

  15. Wait metal gear survive was from this year??? I thought it was reales in 2016.

  16. Damn it, Gaming Industry! Get your loot boxes out of my Pringles!

  17. Jim you forgot about atlas’s new game Ark 2 but with pirates

  18. It still kills me that some people can defend fallout 76…can we make a new version of stockholme syndrome purely related to fans who refuse to see how god awful the object of their fanaticism is??

  19. 13:00 Is that Radical Heights? I guess most battle royale games are so generic-looking you can even get them mixed up in editing.

  20. Fallout 76 – worst AAA game of this gen. Bethesda GS R.I.P.

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