DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 OH MAH GAWD HYPE! – New Trailer, Details, Fanboy Love Noises

I like Dynasty a lot. Dunno if you ever picked up on that.


  1. Jim Sterling and Jesse Cox should really do a LP of this. Wouldn’t be able to move with all the cum on the controller

  2. Jim you are shagadelic baby yeah!!!

  3. An open world dynasty warriors does sound interesting but let’s hope you can do more in this world than just kill shit lol

  4. who thinks it should be a rule that you can not show a game at e3 that does not release in the next year? and if the game is delayed you cant appear again. then again e3 is days of companies circle jerking until they can drink their own cum so this will never happen anyway.

  5. the jimgasm starts at 0:48 you are welcome

  6. I never heard of the franchise before Jim.

  7. Jugram Haschwalth

    Can’t wait to get ass fucked by lu bu

  8. DW8 was the best?
    If by that you mean DW5 and DW3 are the best, then yes. Yes you are right.

    (5+3=8 geddit)

  9. i enjoy the empire spin offs due to character creation, and building an empire, but mostly character creation.

  10. Samurai Warriors is better

  11. I miss the days of your created character being involved in the story

  12. It’s already been confirmed that all the charactesr from previous DW games up to and including DW8 Empires are in the game, so we won’t be losing anything. Nothing on cloned movesets though, but if Wang Yi still spins those stupid sticks around instead of her Trishula, Meng Huo still swings a giant mushroom around or Deng Ai has a crossbow minigun, it’ll be just as bad as cloned movesets…

  13. Who says that even numbered Dynasty Warriors are bad? 4 was awesome!


  15. This was more disturbing that I thought it would be with those……..sounds…..

  16. cant wait for this and monster hunter worlds.

  17. I know its going to be essentailly the same game but im buying it anyways

  18. Whatever happened to the Kessen series? I used to love that one.

  19. I like Warriors very much but the Steam ports are crap.

  20. 4 is and will always be the best.

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