The Breakdown with Zirene: How spacing wins teamfights (NA LCS Summer Week 3)

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This week on The Breakdown we’re taking a look at how spacing wins teamfights, using the clash between Immortals and Cloud9 in Week 3 of the Summer Split.

Detailed Match History:

Music by: Sean Barrett

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  1. “You just get outplayed”
    pretty much

  2. Bilgewater Blues

    Olleh MVP

  3. I feel like zirene knows what the pros are doing more than the pros know what they’re doing

  4. tl:dr Not everything C9 does is Jensen’s Fault

  5. Marios TheCoolGuy

    *Sneaky gets killed*
    “wait what?”

  6. Imo the breakdowns that Zirene are doing are immensely better than the ones Jatt did

  7. I feel like challenger after watching this

  8. The breakdown is probably the best video series on lolesports

  9. Γιωργος Καραπουλιος

    You are creating game changing moments , you are not waiting. He had flash – ult – zhonyas. He is just not that good .

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