Dragonball fighterz goku combos just fooling around….

few thoughts..

1. PS4 is not allowing me to upload again to for some reason so back to share factory so worse quality.. I dunno why its doing this again. Anyway have any idea how to actually fix this? I got it to work again recently but boom now again nada

2. props to you if you guess what video game this song is from

3. Why the hell do I constantly write read info, but no one ever reads these descriptions and comments nonsense anyway?

Anyway just messing around, honestly not playing that much right now just fiddling with it randomly when I have sometime. Still trying to just relax from hospital stuff. But slowly trying to figure out the for this game.

Again more bigger stuff to come but for now just some fooling around. And trying to a feel for the tech buffer etc since actually testing things is not very comfy right now.


  1. Hope you are well.

  2. grandmaster og wizard king beloved

    sorry to hear about the hospital stuff hope shit gets better for ya.
    on a positive note nice video it was very refreshing to see.

  3. Themanhimself_Sterling

    Love your combos as always. To this day nobody’s combos are as unique as yours in my opinion. Stay strong brother, wish you the best of health!

  4. 1:04 glitch? howd u cancel dragon rush into heavy

  5. Happy you’re taking an interest in this game even if it’s slightly.

  6. BOI Jeezus! You showed me I was hella wrong in my converts…
    Thanks man!
    Big anime/MVCI player?

  7. those are easily dodgable or blockable LOL you can’t do these against a decent player, those are AI’s

  8. what song is this? it’s good. I want this song to play when i die in real life

  9. Those are some sweet movements for Goku! Using air-canceling and ki-blasts in ways I never expected.

    Depth is showing it’s head…before getting in the communities’ hand.?

    Also,don’t say that your comments aren’t needed.I wanted to know your quick feedback on the game and knew more about yourself.

    Hope you heal quickly,so you can keep being awesome.

  10. What the name of the song Please

  11. Can someone please explain me how to do a repetitive sequence of attacks in the air like he does? When ever i hit someone with down + heavy, go into the air to hit him, if i press L, L, L, it hits him to the ground. L, M, L, M, it just hits him until the second L and the opponent can tech out. How do people do repetitive sequences of attacks in the air? What do they press?

  12. Sounds like Ace Attorney music

  13. The quality of the combos is inversely proportional to the music choice.

  14. Interesting. super cool seeing stuff like this. im super new to fighting games that arent smash bros, so stuff like this impresses me easily lol

  15. This really gives me hopes for this game combo system. I hope they let it rock and dont change it. I was already getting bored of the usual abc combos.

    Thz for this! And hopefully we see more content of you once the game comes out.

  16. Damn…. you figured all this out for the beta jeez

  17. How??????? I’ve tried the first one for about an hour and I can’t figure it out im on stick if anyone knows how he did the first combo

  18. these are the kind of combos I been waiting to see!

  19. What song is this from?

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