Destiny 2 Development Update: Too Little, Too Late?

You guys know I don’t make a lot of videos of this nature, and I’ve put off formally discussing my regarding Destiny 2 for a while now. Honestly, I didn’t know where to begin, and seemingly every week brought new controversy and greater discontent.

However, with talking about the next year, it seemed appropriate to finally get some things off my chest, even just for the sake of catharsis. I tried my best to keep this somewhat focused despite the realization that I could easily discuss D2 for much longer.

(Destiny 2 development update:

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  1. Couldn’t have been said better!!! Thank you for taking your time, and choosing this moment for your response.

  2. I agree mostly from a PvP standpoint. I feel like with players who mostly play PvE will take this update and be very optimistic. But looking the at the glaring flaw that PvP is, it’s gonna take a long time to get to that D1 point again.

  3. almost cried when you showed the videos of d1 ?

  4. Did anyone else get the biggest grin on their face when they say D1 gameplay. D1 was a game. D2 is a product.

  5. Triple 10,000% nailed exactly what I’m felling. Fantastic video. It’s ALL spot on, I really hope Bungie sees this, I hope they can change. For me I’m moving on, I hope they can make Destiny 3 right, I won’t preorder or buy it until months after when everyone can examine to see if Bungie learned or has continued their mistakes. But DAMN good video and thoughts.

  6. tripleWRECK doesn’t talk much but when he does we should listen listen. you too bungie. just listening to that music makes me want to play D1 again.

  7. I think random rolls should have stayed as well

  8. To put it simply, I’m done with Destiny.

  9. I just can’t believe they removed these features in the first place, time that’s being used to bring them back could of been used to make new stuff, smh.

  10. Mightea | Gaming & Entertainment

    I can only assume from the changes they’ve made must be more profitable for them. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn D2 has more casual players that keep the Eververse engine going than D1 did.

  11. For everyone who doesn’t know, this is how much shit is removed from d1.

    Movement speed (though sprint lock is gone, credit where due)
    All jump abilities, especially burst jump for warlocks and titan skating.
    And loss of Bones of Eao.
    Sticky grenade tracking
    Lightning grenades
    Storm grenades
    Grenade recharge speed
    Grenade damage
    Throwing knife damage
    Melee recharge speed
    Melee damage especially in the crucible
    Super charge speed
    Ability to close gap with arc Hunter super (and blink for hunters)
    Skill tree combinations
    Ward of dawn (no WoL or BoL)
    Sunsinger (gone – including no self res)
    Aim assist
    Ability to have both special and heavy weapons
    Ability to roll unique weapon perks
    Scout rifle range and recoil
    Hand cannon range, recoil, and accuracy (hello again phantom bullets)
    Pulse rifle range and recoil
    (Auto rifles are actually OK)
    Firefly (dragonfly sucks!)
    Tracking on rockets (now only low damage rockets)
    Proximity rockets
    Machine guns (not so much a nerf as just deleted)
    Exotic swords (see above)
    Sniper rifle ADS and zoom (maybe? Not sure on this one)
    Ammo synths
    Modifiers like small arms
    Unique perks on armor
    Exotic perks on old armor are much worse versions (see for example Transversive Steps)
    Raid loot drop frequency
    Shaders are limited and there’s no kiosk
    Ship and sparrow kiosks are gone
    Vendors don’t sell legendary weapons
    No gunsmith weapons
    You don’t get max light drops consistently when 305
    You can’t cross infuse armor between characters
    You can’t infuse different weapon types
    No heroic strike specific loot
    No heroic strike modifiers
    Two, yes only two, Crucible playlists, from the company that made games like Halo 3
    No private matches
    No grimore
    No rank up system for vendors
    Can’t choose what package you want either Armor or Weapon
    Random rolls on weapons or gear
    Excitement for a exotic/legendary drop (vex,last word,ice breaker,gjally,fatebringer)
    Ornaments/Chroma for armor
    Tier 12 stats
    Artifacts (It was a awesome feature IMO)
    No reward screen (it was always exciting to see what you would get after the nightfall or a crucible match)
    6 vs 6 or 3 vs 3
    Rift, Mayhem, Rumble, Elimination, Zone control, Skirmish, Salvage, Inferno, Combined arms
    Progress/quest tab/activate quest
    Record book
    Character/weapon models: D1 looks way more “real” and raw. It looks childish and cartoony in d2
    Character creation still the same/no beard
    Character voice removed
    Dark tone/mystique removed
    Colors (less bright and colorful, it looks very dull/washed out with no contrast)
    Can’t play with the same team after a match or strike
    Replay or choose a strike from the map (normal mode or hard mode)
    Bounties or even exotic bounties that would pop up (man i miss those)
    Doing the daily or weekly activities for legendary marks(shards)
    Framerate issues
    Trophies (way less)

    And this is what we call a sequal??? D2 is just made to being sold to a wider audience aka more money for bungo.
    That’s why as a fan it’s such a disappointment that destiny isn’t progressed at all like triple said.
    I just wished that d1 was continued being expanded on..

  12. They don’t care about the 1% and now look at them grasping for air. I don’t plan on returning with these notes because for the past 3 years i have always said “the potential” and seeing where it went gives me a hint of regret over and over.

  13. Ronaldas Latanauskas

    i miss my friend most of all , they all gone to different games …

  14. I loved Destiny 1. I came home from school and played for hours on end with friends from my hometown, and all across the country. It genuinely helped me through one of the toughest points in high school. It was fun, addicting, and gave me a sense of accomplishment. It admittedly had a rough launch, but it became a great game toward the end of it’s life. That rough launch was why I decided to wait 2 weeks before deciding whether or not I wanted to spend 60 dollars on Destiny 2. I’m glad I waited. I saw the fun ripped out of the game that I had once loved, and in it’s place, a hollow shell filled with nothing more than micro-transactions. I saved my money and decided to leave my memory of Destiny a positive one. It’s so sad to see something with so much potential spit in the face of it’s core player base.

  15. This was an incredible video man…… Very well spoken and Its nice to see someone else be honest about whats happening with D2. I love the franchise and all, but its really sad seeing it be the way it is…. What you began saying around 8:00 is true, I dont understand why they listened to nothing we enjoyed in D1 and brought a game that was nothing we asked for what so ever

  16. There shouldn’t be a ‘live team’ at this point. There should just be one team – Bungie – with all of them working to deliver the needed improvements. Waiting until Q4 2018 is simply too long.

    Great video mate.

  17. I agree with all the points you made 100%

  18. The amount of personal testimonies and stories have been especially moving, I really appreciate you all sharing how Destiny’s evolution has effected you. I sincerely hope we’ll see a return to the magic that made us fans in the first place.

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