Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 – Extra Pack #2 Launch Trailer | Switch, PS4, X1, PC

The expansion of 2 continues with Extra Pack #2. Check out some of the new content included with this HUGE expansion and download it digitally February 28th on , , , and Switch.


  1. Deivis Super DeivBoo

    Vai sim vai ser um novo jogo do Dragon Ball

  2. now you kids can stop complaining on other bandai posts xd

  3. is ssgss for cac there in this dlc

  4. The hype is real rn

  5. Does anyone star humming dragon soul when playing this and fighterz

  6. *le ultra instinct gasp*

  7. OH shit !!!

  8. I love the cgi scenes so much wished the game looked that good

  9. This one is VERY COOL but, I hate they keep F. Trunks rage as an npc…..

  10. *Respect The Boy 17*

  11. Tapion in the fucking story mode? Take my $ it looks so crisp

  12. Who’s voice was that saying “you will suffer by my hand” I can’t make it out I’ll com back if I do

  13. 5 long days…I want to play now!

  14. DBZ fighterZ > Xenoverse

  15. This is turning into fan service

  16. RIP people avoiding spoilers lol

  17. Press f for 17


  19. werent the mods for this out for months?

  20. this game is so much better than fighterz, so much more like the show, better combat, more action, not better visually but thats the only thing fighterz has over this one.

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