Devil Nuns With Tommy Guns (Squirty Play)

In Limitless Hunger, you get to shoot loads of weird monsters with guns. It’s like Serious Sam, but it’s… well… it’s got an imagination all of its own!


  1. If I start a band, I’m totally calling it “ devil nuns with Tommy Guns”

  2. The Catholic Church: We’ve made a few… *changes*

  3. This looks like a twisted half-formed horror of a game, but in a good way – as in at-least 100,000,000x better than 9/10 of everything on Steam Greenlight back in the day.

  4. How low has the bar been brought down by Steam games that I watched this and thought “hey that looks pretty good!” I only realized when I thought whether or not I’d play it.

    Definitely a cute game for a let’s player.

  5. honestly, looks far more enjoyable than most “AAA” games

  6. That burger shop owner was by far the best part of this game, if you ask me…

  7. The shotgun reminds me of the Holy Shotgun from Constantine and I’m digging that.

  8. For a quid or two this actually looks worthwhile. There’s clearly some heart behind it, which is more than a shocking number of games.

  9. So, it’s like art school students saw Doom Eternal and decided to take some inspiration to do they end of year project. To be honest, i think this game actually try to do something interesting.

  10. I’ll be honest, if this were submitted as a first/second year assignment in a Games Dev uni course I’d give it a pretty decent grade. It’s functional, it shows some interesting ideas that if made, uh, well, would result in a honestly decent game

  11. “Your death is inevitable, just like every other mere mortal.”
    Uhh… yeah, that’s, like, the definition of mortal.

  12. This was either made by a cynical adult, or a young kid who’s idea exceeds their skill.

  13. All the red makes my eyes hurt, but it seems like some actual effort went into this so it’s automatically better than anything EA has crapped out recently.

  14. It’s pretty unpolished, definitely someone’s early project, but goddamnit does it feel like it has some passion put into it. With some more work put into it, it could probably be pretty good!

  15. It’s insane how fast your sub count is dropping. You still discuss and do the same content. (Which I like)

    People are stupid for not liking someone being themselves lol

  16. I fucking love how the VA for the nun was having– THE BEST OF TIMES!! Just hamming it up and putting it all into it! Loved it!

  17. Okay, I genuinely enjoyed Devil Nun with a Tommy Gun. She was cool and had a fun voice.

  18. If you were making an album cover for a punk/metal band, you could do it really rough in ballpoint pen and it would work, because even though it’s cheap, it’s got the right feeling.
    This is that, but in video game form.

  19. “I should get rid of those tentacles, they’re quite long.”
    Going to be quite difficult to top that as a quote.

  20. “Oh that was fun” sounds like this game beat out the majority of AAA games by bringing even a tiny amount of joy.

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