Pissy People Protesting PlayStation PC Ports (The Jimquisition)

God of War is coming to PC, and wouldn’t you know it, zealous PlayStation fans are up in arms! They see betrayal, contempt, and even hate, almost as if they put far too much emotional stock in a corporation.

stake, and the assumption that someone “deserves” exclusivity in return for their loyalty, interests me. Plus it’s just funny to see overenthusiastic fans lose their minds.


  1. “Exclusivity”, “loyalty” and “unique identity” are just marketing ploys by corporations to have you more emotionally invested (and thus more financially invested) into their products over the competition.

  2. When I saw the title of this video, my only thought was, “Of course. Of course petulant, childish idiots would be pissy about this.” Because why should good games be shared on multiple platforms for more people to play, right?

  3. I love how the gamers were all “pc players will put kratos in a mankini” like that’s a bad thing that shouldn’t happen. I for one look forward to the inevitable Thomas the Tank Engine mod

  4. I’m so glad that you’ve *FINALLY* answered the question as to how long you could keep a Waddle Dee balanced on your hat. I asked this question back in 2015 and I *DESERVED* an answer.

    Also I hate Playstation because they did a thing I don’t care about and it was bad!

  5. I remember being really pissed off when Sega announced that they were releasing Virtua Fighter and a bunch of other Saturn games on PC. The difference is that I was still an idiotic 12 year old.

  6. I’m always excited on the rare occasions where an exclusive game I’ve played has been made available to another console’s playerbase. Recently, the Kingdom Hearts series was announced for Switch, and it made me happy that more people would be able to give it a try and see if they liked it. Sharing things you like with other people is usually a fun thing. I don’t know why that had to get lost.

    Also, I’m not a PC player because my computer isn’t powerful enough for these games, but from what I’ve seen, games coming to PC usually means someone will mod the game and possibly make extra skins, campaigns, or QoL improvements. That’s more content for that game. That’s a good thing!

  7. I’m always tickled that your Sterdust joke character is a real wrestling thing now. It’s just fabulous.

  8. “I’ve been in one sided relationships in my life. They hurt, they make you feel exploited and abandoned and like you deserve better. The sense of betrayal is inevitable.”

    Ahh, old jobs.

  9. I was so happy Horizon Zero Dawn came to the pc. Finally friends of mine, that only game on pc, could experience it. Then we could talk about how awesome the game is. Fun for everybody, but maybe some folks don´t like fun or have friends. To be fair though, it is only a loud but small number of people, that complain about stuff like that. Best to ignore them.

  10. More good games playable on multiple platforms the better!

  11. When Yakuza came to PC, which was previously a PS exclusive, it breathed new life into the series and let a lot more people enjoy the series.

  12. I’m glad PC players can finally experience GoW. This game is just awsome. Good for them !!!

  13. In the olden days, I understood exclusivity, since the platforms had completely different architectures and games could make use of different strengths of the platforms they were developed for. But in an age, where basically every platform is a PC (or a smartphone, in case of the switch), that no longer holds up, since the only difference we see between releases is some different configs. I applauded MS for releasing all games on PC, and I applaud Sony for doing so now. Now only Nintendo is missing. Although, Emulation can take care of the latter just fine.

  14. My friends who game on PC can finally enjoy this amazing story and we can enjoy it together. Games are meant to be enjoyed by all.

  15. There’s a certain type of inner brokenness that makes certain people see others being as well-off as themselves, at no cost to themselves, as a source of affront.

  16. It’s a much broader issue than games, as you yourself no doubt constantly experience. People who feel diminished when other people get treated more equal is a big part of the rot that’s all about us. Thank God for you.

  17. I don’t even think about it when PC players finally get timed exclusives. The mods are usually hilarious. Plus this means disabled players who can’t use a traditional controller get a chance to use their own custom setup.

  18. Fun video James Stephanie. 🙂 You are right, the “console wars” only help the corporations and hurt us.

    But also, holy cow that is a high stakes match! Good luck! 😃

  19. For once a Jimquisition that left me happier after having watched it. No company exploiting workers, no company exploiting customers, no company releasing a shoddy product, no gamers being monsters. Just a case of Sony making a business decision that ought to make everybody happier, and people looking foolish for seeing that in a negative light.

  20. “You just know they’re gonna put Kratos in a bright green mankini”

    Me: “YES PLEASE”

    Also, thank you, Justin.

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