Deathloop – The Overpowering Quandary Of Deluxe Editions (Jimpressions)

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Deathloop is a fairly standards FPS with a layering of interesting trappings. It also has a special edition that trivializes most of it.

It throws open the quandary of providing deluxe edition items that straddle the line between useful and overpowered, though most games opt for either the latter or completely useless.

Either way, my experience with Deathloop was worsened by the very thing Deathloop was selling.


  1. Who knew that Chubby Checker could make murder feel so lighthearted and fun

  2. I’ve been having a lot of fun namely with the PvP. When this game gets going with hunting other players or getting hunted then it can feel really fun… Too bad the times it can happen is quite limited.

    Anyway. Shame you didn’t like it more Steph Jimitrescue! Curious to see what you’ll think about some of the other things coming out soon.

  3. Power washer and Lawn Mowing simulator are pretty good but this Chiropractor Simulator is lit.

  4. Wow your character is jittering more than me with too much coffee in me during an anxiety attack!

  5. Despite always being a bit janky, Arkane’s one of the few studio’s whose writing genuinely gets to me. The audio logs in Prey concerning the gf in the freezer were really bloody sad.

  6. I’m glad you’re covering this. I don’t have the game but I’ve read you can disable invasions, where your nemesis is instead controlled by AI as well. I like that you’ve mentionned how Deluxe Edition might harm the gameplay, perhaps they could make these weapons optional with a slider, but I don’t know if that’d work.

  7. I honestly can do without sociopathic gankers intruding and ruining my single player enjoyment.
    That is why I and so many others despised the “dark zone” in the Division.

  8. Now watch as somebody puts this video on repeat to get the full experience.

  9. Gonna be honest, even without the deluxe edition you can get top-tier weapons infused really really quickly, I think I must have only shot a grey-tier gun once, and used blues a bit, and then it’s just purples and golds after only a couple of hours.

  10. I found my Julianna invasions ranged from incredibly lame to some of the most intense and fun cat and mouse situations I’ve had in games for a long time. Definitely made sure to turn it off when I wanted to seriously accomplish something though.

  11. Been hearing a lot of praise for this game but had no idea what it was about. Thanks jim

  12. so, with regards to what you said, I pretty much went with the best options to play this game
    1. went with standard edition
    2. turned invasions to friends-only

  13. 6:20 yeah New Vegas kinda inflicted this problem on itself too; dumped all the pre-order DLC items on you right out the door at Doc Mitchell’s house, and if you’d gone and bought the “ultimate edition” that was the whole early game trivialized right there. One of my favorite mods is the one that takes all that stuff away and sprinkles it around the wasteland in little secret hidden stashes instead.

  14. Hunh, this is an interesting problem. 🤔
    I feel like the best deluxe edition DLCs are gimmics, weapons, abilities, etc that are ones that open a lateral pathway to tackle the in game situations. Such as something that is limited use or has a long cooldown. A good example was with the Deluxe Edition of Guild Wars 2.
    The bonus in GW2 is the ability to summon 2 wolves to fight with you for 60s with a 240s cool down. The benefit is that the wolves deal good damage in early game for leveling and understanding the character mechanics in the flow of battle. In late game they can act to pull agro from higher level enemies. By end game the spell is mediocre if you are proficient with the combat systems, but still useful for casual people who just want to enjoy themselves.

  15. “I got the deluxe edition, because I was desperate for a dopamine hit and that happens sometimes. Usually I regret it, because what you get is garbage”
    Ah yes, the native tongue of my people.

  16. “Let’s do the time warp again!”
    – Rocky Horror Picture Show

  17. Was Yahtzee the only one who pointed out that the whole “no consequence” loop thing doesn’t work for the other people? They clearly don’t retain memories from previous loops, so whatever happens for them in any loop is all that iteration will ever experience.

  18. “I like this… now I’ve had my fill.” Is how I react to every Arkane game. Prey is the only one I actually finished but that’s only because getting the super jump ability completely changed how it played in a way I enjoyed much more

  19. “The gameplay is basic but it’s what layered on top that’s what is interesting”

    Reminds me of Spec Ops the line. Very basic gameplay but oh wow that story

  20. The fact this game received so many 10’s from the gaming press is utterly baffling. This is one of most bang average immersive-sims I’ve ever played, the level design and gameplay is painfully dull. Easily one of the most overrated games in a very long time.

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