CS:GO Skin Trading Now Has 7-Day Wait Periods, Skin Gamblers Panic

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In its latest attempt to at least look like it’s combating Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s “skin gambling economy,” Valve has stopped newly traded items from being retraded for a week.

The 7-day wait period effectively stops skins being flipped, and makes it harder for skin gambling websites to ply their cottage trade. As with any change to anything, this is now being seen by some as the “death” of :GO’s skin goldrush.

Cheers to to pointing me in the direction of this one.


  1. Good riddance

  2. Jim killed CSGO ? where will I use my mom’s credit card now ?

  3. Scott John Harrison

    I am waiting for this to be standard for all steam trades. I currently do collect some steam trading card stuff (only for games I really like but it is still a problem I know I have.) and I suspect that I will soon have a problem of seven day waiting periods added to this.

  4. Bottlecap Bellybutton

    What a crazy world we live in that someone can make a living off of selling skins. Also that CS:GO gun skins have a longer waiting period than actual guns here in the US lol.

  5. Remember when you just jumped into Counter Strike to kill time for an hour or so?

  6. Tell me more about this “Juicy Slots”, Jim. It sounds like a truly great fun way to make big money.

  7. Just so you know, TF2 has had this for over a year now so its not shocking valve implemented this for CSGO

  8. Why isn’t it Skambling?

  9. Crap! I made like 40 bucks by selling skins, cards and crates over the years… Now my profitable business will collapse… I’m destitute


  11. “they just removed most of the usability and interest of skins.”

    Ah yes, the most widely known use for virtual 2D textures to be applied at 3D models of guns, trading them for money. And to think that there are people who think skins are there primarily to be used in game.

  12. Maybe skins will stop being a crypto and get back to being… you know… weapon skins?

  13. Its almost as if these skins were not “just cosmetic”, isn’t it?

  14. I just dislike that people are willing to pay 1000’s of pounds to purchase pixel skins..

  15. This bores me. Not Jim’s video, the whole “skinomony” itself. Shouldn’t we be playing games to have fun?

  16. Wait, wait, wait, wait. CS:GO is a game that you can play? I thought it was some abstract platform for gambling! So, what are “skins,” then? I thought they were virtual poker chips or something.

    I’m sure someone, somewhere actually genuinely thinks like this, btw.

  17. It’s kinda fucked up how there seem to be people for whom this skin economy is the only important aspect of the game, like the folks in the Twitter thread Jim showed at 1:47.
    “You know if gamble/trading goes away CS:GO dies”

  18. “This ruins the whole point of skins!”

    Uh, my gun looks cooler than that guy’s gun. That was the point. All they’re calling “dead” is just adding gambling mechanics to a trade system….

  19. People are always ready to write something off as dead or dying whenever it doesn’t fit what they think it should be. So people thought YouTube was dead years ago. Some people think YouTube currently is dead for some stupid reason. Nothing is actually dead when people still want it to exist. You could still continue, may be a lot different than how it was originally, but it still alive and kicking.

  20. These people who cry about it are admitting they didn’t have a lot of interest in CS:GO as a game in the first place but were just interested in exploiting the skin trading mechanics and peoples addictions to make some quick cash. In that case : Just go to a casino website, keep your gambling and exploiting of addicts out of video games.

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