IMPOSSIBLE New Secrets & Easter Eggs in : Battle Royale!
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  1. Retail row / Or tilted Towers

  2. My favourite place to drop is snobby shores. I’m on Xbox

  3. Flush factory, i think it’s underrated

  4. I LOVE to drop to that place right next to Flush Factory but I call it “The Metal Płâçè”

  5. I drop outside the map and still win

  6. I drop at pleasant park as it have many people and if you win it is well deserved

    PS: my name on PlayStation is MsCassim

  7. That Raven skin is mine. Glad i farmed 2,800 v bucks on saved the world for the past few days

  8. My favorite place to drop is junk junction.

  9. I like to drop salty springs, especially on Snipers only

  10. Let’s be honest we all love till… moisty mires

  11. I like to drop at junk junction

  12. Guys this is an april fools joke XD

  13. My favourite place to drop is dusty or lonely

  14. For give away “I love dropping in the abandoned houses next to junk junction” love your videos since bo3 good luck for next year bo4

  15. Clearly fake

  16. i drop in salty because i like finding ammo and getting slapped with a crossbow and rinsing and repeating

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    junk junction, lowkey no one goes there

  18. I either go retail row or fatal feilds

  19. Love landing in lonely lodge, no one ever lands in here and I once killed a full squad but breaking down the tower >:)

  20. I lobe to drop at greasy grove as i love burgers

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