Crossing the ENTIRE OCEAN with Tree Surfing! Looking for the DLC Island in Zelda Breath of the Wild

Link Cross the ENTIRE OCEAN by surfing on a tree in the water! Reaching the end of the Ocean!

♥Heavenland 2nd Project:

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End screen music:

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap “Cloud Tops”

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  1. 1 comment and 0 views. I love you YouTube

  2. 12 views 11 likes THAT’S REAL GOOD

    P.S. the bell worked for once <3

  3. That’s so clever! Another great video Mety! Look forward to seeing this one through

  4. Hah I literally did this the other day

  5. This video makes me wanna play BOTW 😛

  6. Thank you for keeping this game alive for so long mety. You would think that you have done everything possible in the game but you always come up with great new ideas.

  7. How do u do it mety?
    I just get so bored and then he’s over here doing… this

  8. Make a guardian spaceship, put a guardian stalker on a raft with it’s legs cut off and it will fly

  9. I got this notification while playing botw

  10. Zelda wind waker switch version?

  11. Aghh the nostalgia…… for not even a year ago.

  12. Every time I watch your videos I replay BotW a little bit more. I wish Ninty would make another Zelda game with the same engine (like how Majora used Ocarina’s). Great video as usual.

  13. Like for BotW2

  14. « I smelled something rotten »

    You never said something truer, these bastards always ruin the Zora bottle letter thing quest for me.

  15. Dude the commitment in this video, props!

  16. 2 years and still finding ways to break the game props to you

  17. 3:59 Link, how’s your foot?

  18. Anyone else notice how you can hear the sail’s sound effect for travelling with the boat when Mety’s going fast enough over the water on the tree?
    Gosh that is one mouthful to say XD

  19. I love mety’s videos 👍👍

  20. Mety logic:

    Stuck on an island with a boat and a tree. Also has the option to teleport

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