Screw Steam (The Jimquisition)

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Steam seems incapable of helping itself. Off the back of yet another deeply unpleasant game controversy, and with Epic Games snapping its heels, Steam needs to change but remains staunchly averse to the idea.

The association between Steam and utter trash has gotten so bad that politicians are starting to take notice. Meanwhile, Epic offers a generous revenue split, actual curation, and a dramatically reduced risk of appearing next to school shooting games.

It’s a deal I can’t blame anyone for taking. Screw Steam.


  1. Jim, please. I like you, I like your videos, I like your attitude, but I really don’t agree with you on this issue. Even with the crap on Steam, Steam is still the superior platform. The Epic games store has no offline mode, no user reviews, no cloud saves, and I am pretty sure it violates the EU’s privacy laws. It needs to improve *_greatly_* before it can be considered a competitor to Steam.

  2. My Epic Account got accessed despite having 2FA and two purchases were made on my account (approx $50). This has never happened to me on Steam, so screw Epic Games.

  3. Recommending the Epic store? For someone who tries to paint themselves as being pro-consumer this recommendation certainly is an odd one. Give your head a shake.

  4. epic games also has no features and is anti consumer locking down pc with exclusives.

  5. As long as Tencent is behind Epic Games, I’m not installing that Epic Games Store client on any of my systems… however bad Steam’s reputation is.

  6. I still prefer Steam, because 90% of my library is there
    I absolutely despise needing to have 4+ launchers for all my shit

  7. WHERE DID THE TOP COMMENTS GO?!? well, i’ll post one of them again
    The Epic store has: no cloud saves, no user profiles, no user reviews (unless opted in by devs), no forums, no friend activity, no mod distribution, no groups, no item trading, no anti cheat support, no library sharing, no library sorting, no streaming to other devices, no broadcasting, no screenshot sharing/capture, no controller support, no user created guides, no wishlists, no automatic refunds, no achievements, no 3rd party keys and no OFFLINE SUPPORT.

  8. Competiton is a good thing. Exclusivity is not, not at all a good thing. If devs are going to start dividing where people buy their games and forcing a multitude of accounts then people straight up wont buy their games. The market is straight up welcoming piracy to make a massive comeback as ease of use is the main point why people choose piracy.

    Not to mention that their competiton seems to be incapable to realize that the world is large outside of America. EPIC for example disagrees with the GDPR laws, which is not convenient at all for europeans. As well as this, the Steam store at the very least changes its prizes regionally, so that countries without the economic baggage as USA can buy games without throwing a months wages at it. The rest of the world is simply going to bypass the launchers at this point and use piracy to get to the games and publishers will cry out that piracy is killing the industry again, in a forever ongoing loop.

  9. Well as always my vote is on GOG. In the last 10 years it is my goto platform and I consider it the best for me.

  10. Don’t agree with this view, I’ll take the Wild West platform over an anti consumer platform

  11. Jim, Jim, Jim, … I thought you’d be smarter than this.

  12. An alternative =/= Something better. EPIC doesn’t meet EU standards for consumer and privacy protection, demands a lot of useless, private information you may not even have on your hands when you try to refund something, and it bribes developers to limit consumers’ options. It doesn’t even allow users to review games unless the publishers gives them a pass first. Just like Steam, Epic is trying to get away with as much shit as it can, and uses only the argument of “were not Steam” to push their marketing. It feels like you didn’t do your research for this video, and I’m just disappointed Jim. We all hate Steam, but that doesn’t make Epic Store good. It’s just a differently shaped turd.

  13. I agree Steam needs competition, but the other stores suck atm.

  14. A lot of people missing the point here. Jim isn’t saying he recommends the Epic Store, but that he cannot blame game developers for taking the exclusivity deal when they offer them a much, MUCH, better deal than Steam. For taking the exclusivity deal they get a curated less cluttered store where their game will be featured on the front page, plus an injection to their budget, plus a sales guarantee, plus a bigger revenue split. Until Steam does something about it this is a no brainer. I cannot blame them for taking the deal either.

  15. Jim, Jim, Jim… Usually you’re pretty on the money, but completely ignoring one HUGE side of the argument to make a point about Steam is misleading and incredibly bad practice for someone with a following as large as yours. Not even acknowledging the many, many flaws of the Epic Games Store while presenting it as a better alternative to Steam for developers and ignoring the consumer perspective is disingenuous and completely off-brand for you. Very disappointing, poorly-researched video.

  16. dragongrandmaster

    dont forget steam allows all currency in the world unlike origin and some others

  17. oof bloody hell … that dislike bar surprised me man

  18. I don’t care what you say, buying exclusivity isn’t competition.

  19. I love your work mate and I’ve been following you for years, but you’re wrong here, and bordering on shilling.
    As for those trashy games you mention on Steam you can easily avoid them, I manage to.
    Also, don’t forget that it was you reviewing trashy games on Steam that propelled your channel’s popularity.

  20. You know what I never hear in these discussions? Anyone blaming the developer and/or publisher.

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