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  1. I think it’s a bit too many people. But it would be cool to see Bryce squirrel Kyle and toonz with delirious play modded 😅 think the addition of the 5th player would help

  2. I love the videos but I’m getting so confused because there’s so many different teams now

  3. A little too much chaos for my taste. Can totally see why people would enjoy this though.

  4. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. 16:44
    “look what I found”
    I’m dead 😂

  6. hey i know im late but like among us there is a mod that increases the number of people to i belive 8-10 and as other people say its cramped but still chaotic

  7. a gang of hoarder bugs with a shovel was quite the sight to see pahahaha

  8. Poor rocky … did they not see him got trapped with 2monster ? They were so late to teleport him back alive that so frustrating 😂

  9. So what’s the monster at 2:07:03? Is it just a custom modded monster or is it actually a thing in the game?

  10. Use THE GODDAMN HORN!!!!!!!!

  11. Found Delerious’ missing 2 when me and some friends played one of them had a random 2 at the end of their name for no reason

  12. That 100% was lasso man, pause the video you can see he’s made of rope an has two lassos as arms im guessing to strangle you.

  13. I was hoping it included the OG gang. (Squirrel, Toonz, Del, Kyle)

  14. Too bad monster don’t fight one another or mines and turrets don’t work against monsters. I wonder if they add a health station to ship in future. That would come in handy if injured and come back to ship to heal up.

  15. Damn I fell asleep half way through😅

  16. Those two loot bugs didn’t want to take any chances and hired that thumper as a guard 😂

  17. That begging scream made my day on god!😂

  18. The chaos mod definitely makes the game better! I still believe it would be better with six to eight people but I especially enjoyed when everyone coordinated together to hunt the monsters and get the loot. Overall this video was hilarious and I had to watch through to the end! Keep them coming please!!!❤

  19. again another group trolling 90% of the game.

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