Broad City – The Climb

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go full Lara Croft in honor of “.”

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  1. 1.54 sec ad could not find video

  2. Is it just me, or do I find the videos that CC puts out uninteresting after
    Key and Peele left?

  3. Coooooooooooooooool

  4. ok, not mad at this ad :)

  5. I luv these bitches!!

  6. Poor them, getting linked with a premature game release.

  7. this made me smile

  8. sell outs. all of you.

  9. +1 for originality

  10. My parents named me Priscilla so yea

    I thought this was a sneak peek of their new season, turns out it’s not,
    but it’s a pretty darn good ad? lol, can’t wait til’ February to see these
    babes back in action (that was not supposed to sound sexual, I swear) lmao,
    in any case I love whatever these two come up with, and this is no
    exception :)

  11. the graphics

  12. Ya know i can relate to this lol. Friends walk through door. Ah we will
    come back later as we see your busy, facepalm. :)

  13. amazing

  14. hell yeah

  15. And kids, that’s how you make an ad. ;)

  16. Illana can climb me anytime ?

  17. Oha bu güzel iş.
    Dont forget subscribe this channel ^^

  18. This video is better far better than the game.

  19. Wait wat?

  20. Would’ve loved to be Abbi from 1:27 onward…

  21. wow they even captured the 20fps feeling lol I really like this

  22. This show is literally me.

  23. does she know she’s an ad?

  24. Thank you Amy Poehler for Broad City :D!! <3 <3 <3

  25. Taichung Huang (台中黃先生)

    Best Xbox game commercial ever

  26. Whenever I see my fav celebs doing ads for big corps I die inside a
    little…. This was great doe!

  27. fuck yeah dude.That was awesome

  28. Ahhh, Womb Raider…..totally

  29. Kinda funny and then…. It was a commercial….

  30. i love those bitches
    can’t wait for next season

  31. i wanted to play RoTR, but then found out it was Xbox exclusive -_-

  32. What’s up. It’s great! morning tip What’s your opinion about this, guys 11

  33. wtf

  34. As much as these two are screw ups alone, Together they can accomplish

    Best female buddies ever in the history of TV.

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