BEWARE OF THE BRACKEN! (Lethal Company) Pt. 14

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  1. Ludicrous Harlequin

    100th comment!!

  2. Super Noob Gaspirilla

    Day 20 of asking Delirious to finish playing Wick:

  3. 2:50 “Alright leave it so he don’t get pissed off”
    2:54 “HE’S PISSED!”

    lmao love this content <3

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for all the your fan since day 1 I hope everything works out for my favorite YouTuber ❤

  5. Ah yes the shadow man. First time I saw him was with Smitty, he stoked him for a while without Smitty even noticing and then he snapped his neck, really creepy and brutal as hell. Truly a well made horror character.

  6. so when u use the horn infront of the company building the monsters tentacles comes out alot faster nd constant the more u spam the horn so it doesnt like noise thats why it kills u for spamming the bell

  7. The Stamina bar should change with the color of the suit. Like for developer to notice lol

  8. slowly passing away

    those signs gave Delirious way too much confidence lol

  9. Why does squirrel doesn’t think

  10. Maybe h20 doesn’t wanna end up like dream 0_0

  11. I doubt you’ll see this delirious but, I would say test out if the thing you called Bobbi (camera radar thing) is to assist with the spring head monsters when someone’s on the ship looking through the camera. Like someone who took it in if they come face to face with a spring head they’d place it down and whoever’s on the ship can watch through the monitor and keep them from being able to move since there’s someone watching them. Idk food for thought and a nice science experiment. Keep up the good work gang

  12. DAY 1 of telling delirious he can heal if you change suits

  13. The Bracken reminds me a lot of Ryuk from the movie death-note they look so similar.

  14. 12A4-30-Trần Hưng Thành

    Don’t stand infront of the zap gun next time, braken and other monsters are easy to kill as long as you can zap them

  15. How the hell do you defeat that stalker? The only way I know how to get that stalker away from you is to stare at it and not get close to it.

  16. Haven’t finished the Spiderman 2 because he kept posting Lethal Company and doing stream for hours 😂

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