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  1. Keep it in your pants, dragon.

  2. Pants are Dragon, literally

  3. Crazy Boris Productions

    “That was kind of not exciting.”

    Oh ho. Wait ’til you see his ultimate.

  4. When you’r girl doesn’t know you’r a grower 0:32 – 0:44

  5. Lol, this will make a lot of people in ARAM pretty sad :D

  6. Next episode Aurelian sol summons the spirit bomb

  7. turn of the screen and listen only to the voice


  9. would have been better if you showed how much damage it did(does it
    increase damage while getting bigger?)

  10. Heino Kunzelmann

    Can you Combo the Q with ur E so both fly simultaneously or is he slower
    while airborne?

  11. holy fucking shit

    its like a huge hurricane moving across the map. forecast janna is probably
    losing her mind

  12. Regi looks more human here, weird.

  13. I hope they will keep it like this, this is freakin awesome LOL

  14. That’s what she said

  15. Road to 100 Subs with 1 Video

    everybody will get stunned if it is that big?

  16. Kruelwanderer911

    Best Ending ever hahaha.

  17. coolest looking champion by far

  18. JESUS CHRIST .-.

  19. Omg. Now I’m hyped. I hope I’ll see similar things in an actual game. I’m
    off watching porn, this got me all excited.

  20. I think it’s a viral samsung galaxy s7 advertisement

  21. Was that all oO

  22. I am real grill.

    Does remind anyone else of goku’s spirit bomb?

  23. wish u explained what is going on LOL

  24. if you do that from the base to base it turns into a black hole :)

  25. Thomas Noppenberger

    12 year olds be like mines bigger

  26. Darcy Erinaceinae

    The team fight initiation is real.

  27. hahahahahha WTF

  28. Can he q e combo ?

  29. His ganks looks really great. Just a Dragon out of nowhere.

  30. I’d do him jg.

  31. SPIRIT BOMB!!!

  32. furkan “efyuar” özgün


  33. That was sick. o___o but can’t you reactivate it to detonate it?


  35. 70 ap says no damage

  36. Francis Gerard Magtibay

    Is this guy the dragon that taught Goku how to use his spirit ball thing?

  37. >only stuns for 1 second
    It’s shit.

  38. platinumgamer 24

    Pants just a tip. When ganking you can activate your Q mid flight to get it

  39. I was wondering the same thing the first time I read his kit. Thanks a lot!

  40. I wish it did more damage the bigger it was… Like when at max size it
    doubles damage (follow for half of the entire map, however long that is) so
    you could just one shot people xD

  41. Just enter a team fight with that and scare the shit out of the enemy team
    as they see a massive star about to collapse on them.

  42. lol Pants, you don’t need to worry about uploading this, I’m sure we all
    enjoy it.

  43. sharp tuuuuuuuurns

  44. Holy fuck in every big skill ??????????

  45. I’m a grower not a shower -dragon guy

  46. The damages at the end were a bit disapointing with the size of this Q x)

  47. AvantelWings Gaming

    Why not just use your E?

  48. I think it should do more damage the longer it travels. That’d be amazing
    to push a star all the way to the enemy base and they just get one shot
    like nothing. That’d make Ao shin (Yes I still call him Ao Shin) one of my
    favorites if he had a neat mechanic like that.

  49. so is he a support mid top jg what the hellll is he

  50. What bonuses that ability gets when grows?

  51. Rito plz nerf. Q bigger then map lol

  52. well does the hitbox extend too? leo wasnt hit and the orther aurelion

  53. can u have more than one starsurge

  54. waiting for ma boi Vandiril

  55. Regi is that you???

  56. can you use his q and e at the same time?

  57. omg i knew it omg dream come true <3

  58. Destroy the world with 20 damage


  60. yep not op i smell balance ?

  61. Aurelion sol, more like Aurelion SALT.
    I’m sorry i’m just searching friends don’t hurt me.

  62. At some point it became scary.

  63. “No damage”
    “Rofl” i died ahah

  64. Take my energy o/


  66. cool style of video

  67. RasenShurikan!!! :D

  68. holy moly

  69. Regi’s brother??/

  70. Mine bigger xD

  71. what a troll. i love it.

  72. ayylmao

  73. Nice Video Quality

  74. holy quaca moly

  75. That was so cool on stream. What do u guys think. Does multiple Aurelion
    Sols can extend the range for the Q? (Like in Hexakill?)

  76. is that dan dihn?

  77. Probably my proudest fap


  79. Damm pants

  80. Exactly how much movespeed do you need to keep up with the baby star? Is it
    so much that it would make your build complete shit?

  81. wtf

  82. but does its dmg scale with size?

  83. can u have more than one starsurge

  84. Nothing better than waking up to see Riot released a cool new champion like

  85. Velow TheOriginal


  86. holy shit

  87. is he jungle?

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