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Aftonbuilt is a surprisingly well made Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan Game that didn’t make it into the Fanverse!

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  1. GoldenTier Studios

    I really want to find a way to help support this game to help complete it.

  2. what the dog doin?

  3. Logan Entertainment

    I can understand to why Scott didn’t choose Afton Built for the fanverse. Considering the other fanverse games are either in relation to Fnaf, but with twists, or is completely made up. Afton Built is a fan game that takes place after Fnaf 3, and it’s somewhat connected to the lore Scott made to Fnaf. But I’m sure he still liked the game.

  4. Think this game is set right after 3, you actually save springtrap from the fire

  5. Imagine if scott actually made drippy in next fnaf

  6. OlafttheGreat1998

    Markiplier makes love to the Deadlights 2022

  7. I think the scoops only worked once (to get the locks) and thats why there were numerous, foxy kept getting up after the first


  9. Kuitaran( Heatmorus )

    I love it

  10. “A foolish man cries about a hole in his pocket, while a wise man uses it to scratch his balls.”
    -Sun Tzu (art of war)

  11. I hope this gets finished.

  12. 17:30
    why is illinois labeled indiana. i know we’re trashy, but not that trashy. also lake michigan is gone. what kind of SCP set up is this.

  13. Mentally Unstable Human

    Mark will literally love any dog , and this is proof of it. Like even if its a demonic enraged soul of a child.

  14. This was a awesome game ideal

  15. Allyssa galigher

    Did you know:
    William Afton actually built all the animatronics in the game! Including FNAF 1 through Fnaf 4!
    That’s probably why the game is named Afton Built!! The Afton family are a pretty famous family from fnaf

  16. 3:05 *his adhd is showing*

  17. The only real thing I was able to comprehend from this Gameplay was:

    Mark really likes poochie. 😀

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