a really pointless and long tank 1v1 but it’s good

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voices from japanese league client

shoutout to the best anivia in the world, never stop believing in yourself rena.


  1. kill all weebs

  2. that was the saddest anime death I have ever seen

  3. that was amazing lol

  4. This video was awesome. Well done !

  5. ChachiKuad KachiChuad

    im actually crying this was so beatiful

  6. Ολυμπία Ακριτίδου

    Top 10 intense anime battles

  7. Episode 2: Shen gets a bramble vest and wins convincingly in half the time.

  8. Top 10 Anime betrayals

  9. Крокодил Гена

    top 10 anime betrayals

  10. NoOoOo Shen!

  11. This is the PVP that I want from riot

  12. That was too painful to watch lol. I would have given up and just focused the minions :’))



  14. Can’t believe they killed off Shen. He was suppose to fight Zed in the final battle. Manga was so much better.

  15. Karl-Johan Lagström

    Damn amazing and top 10 anime fights for sure

  16. What a magnificent fight, from start to finish. Probably the best anime plot of all time, surpassing even the master, Knack 2.

  17. You say run goes with everything

  18. I see video on reddit top, then I realise it’s you. Nice one Seph.

  19. Awsome vid its me btw ashnaider xDD

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