Bayonetta 2 For Nintendo Switch – Pervily Promiscuous Princess Peach (Jimpressions)

For all I could criticize Nintendo for, I could never begrudge it rescuing Bayonetta from the scrapheap and continuing to have faith in the series.

I’ll also happily take the excuse to play Bayonetta 2 again!


  1. since i never played i can’t even tell that you’re playing badly

  2. Jim… Nintendo complained that the original designs for the Nintendo costumes. They actually asked for them to be made more promiscuous.

  3. Bayonetta is waifu <3

  4. Best girl

  5. Bayonetta is great. I have no idea what’s going on half the time but apparently, im pretty good at it.

  6. Bayonetta can Dom me anyday, and im not even into bdsm…

  7. It’s ok to perv on Bayonetta.No one is judging.:)

  8. Bayonetter.

  9. I hate how it’s already becoming a thing for “physical” releases on Switch to not actually be full physical releases. See: Resident Evil Revelations, Mega Man Legacy Collection, Bayonetta.

    If you’re gonna charge a Switch tax, then you need to include everything on physical media.

  10. Jim, your playing of bayonetta 2 is fine, stop tripping dog.

  11. “Intense Upskirt Action” sounds like a “back of the box” description for a Bayonetta action figure

  12. Jim: “I’m bad at Bayonetta”

    Proceeds to get Platinum in a challenge and the next combat encounter.

  13. Dear Jim: How can you defend Amiibo’s? The data is already on the disk. The Amibo’s have no data, it just “unlock” the data. On disk DLC is OK in Jims world?

  14. Maybe they can port Transformers Devastation to Switch, or make a sequel to it. It’s like Bayonetta with G1 Transformers.

  15. I wish they’d release it for pc, but nintendo’s a roadblock in the way of that.

  16. There’s actually a reason you’re doing better on the handheld. There’s significantly less input delay on the Switch’s high quality screen, you’re literally being given faster reaction times. It’s actually really nice, it’s sometimes hard to notice just how much lag modern TV’s have until you have something like a Switch to make it obvious.

  17. Nintendo’S witch

  18. Great vid dropped a like

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