A Minecraft Project – INDUSTRIAL UPGRADES! (Ep.21)

Welcome back to my Minecraft Let’s Play where it’s to Upgrade!
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I use all Razer products for gaming (Headphones, Mouse & Keyboard)
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  1. the tropical fish had an augustus gloop moment 😂🤣

  2. like so Tom can see! drip stones can farm potions!!!!!

  3. If you put 4 jungle saplings together and bone meal them you will get a big tree

  4. “underground fairy garden” 😂 something I never expected Mr round 115 zombie slayer syndicate to say but I love it.

  5. Tom: Can I grow these vertically as well?!?
    Everyone else: Bruh they only grow vertically😂
    Love the vids🤙

  6. 18:22 funniest 10 seconds of all time

  7. if you put stained glass over beacon you can change the color

  8. 16:40: Trinity Island flashback (ep. 03) 😂

  9. FFFF rip to the bow

  10. Keeeppherrrr gooooingg mate

  11. “Tom this was so beautiful, you’ve done such a great job” 🥸👍

  12. 34:11 – You can enchant a hoe with silktouch etc and it will work as sheers!

  13. The backward hat days..

  14. immediately looked for the lucozade when Tom showed the fridge

  15. Lie – ken : lychen

  16. Aidan Craythorne

    you have improved so much its insane in terms of building

  17. When does the new update come out does anyone know?

  18. clean your keyboard man💔

  19. Why did he say make a bow then bring up beacons 😂😂. Can Tom stay on track?? No.

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