The Delicious Failure Of NFTs In Gaming (The Jimquisition)

NFTs were everywhere at the start of the year, but did you notice how quickly they’ve disappeared? I’m happy about that!


  1. A “masturbatory economy full of wankers” is the type of literary shade that’s so pointed and clever, this is the great content I sign up for.

  2. I wonder how much Dan Olsen’s video changed the game. Maybe I’m giving it too much credit, but it came out on January 21 and the downturn happened shortly after.

  3. That sculpture at the end has a very simple message. It is a beacon to remind us to thank god for J.S.S.

  4. Oi Steph, did you actually move back to England, or is this just an extended trip?

  5. Jim’s opening becoming better and better !

  6. Looks like there actually IS a limit to human stupidity. It should be called the NFT Border or something like that.

  7. TheCommunistGamer

    Did you fully relocate back to the UK, then?

  8. Jim in God’s County!

  9. scottthewaterwarrior

    You know what one of the best things about digital goods is? They are in unlimited supply! Why would you try and force scarcity upon that?

    (I know why, money)

  10. I can imagine Jim Stephanie Sterling saying “Yes!! Yes!! This is delicious!!!” They just have that nonbinary M. Bison energy.

  11. I do know art and I know that NFTs suck shit.

  12. It’s great to see after so many disappointments that some glimmer of standard and dignity still run through the gaming community.

  13. Thank you for the video.

  14. When something horrible crashes and burns, it’s funny.

  15. 3:55 song?

  16. I hope with Sega’s recent announcement they want to bring NFT’s into their game they get so much shit for it they walk it back instead of it being a luke warm pushback and it becomes the start of this whole shit.

  17. finally some good news

  18. Just how shit are NFTs as a scam? The Eve Online players took one look at it and ran for the hills. THEY didn’t think it was worth running even as their own scam.

  19. If they put nfts in major games that’s when we burn corporations to the ground

  20. Well said. Just discovered this channel, have thanked God for Jim.

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