A Minecraft Project – Beginning the Build of Turtle Bay! (Ep.20)

Welcome back to my Minecraft Let’s Play where today.. I Like Turtles!
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  1. Ep in a nutshell

    – Drops Bow
    – Don’t worry about the Bow
    – I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE (Sprinting to area)
    – Regrets dropping bow and life choices.

    That’s our boy Tom everyone

  2. Any chance of bringing back dokucraft for nostalgias sake? Still one of my favorite texture packs.

  3. Tom honey blocks for the villager put them in one by area and honey block and they can’t jump out or move so u can get rid of those boats👍🏼

  4. City west mafia Cwm

    Tom i need my fix at least once a week

  5. Aspin The Red Dragon

    man syndicate sure changed the last time I saw him 8 years ago playing Black ops 2


  7. You should make an underground bunker that is all sci-fi styled where you put all your experiments!

  8. 12:39 ‘let me go to sleep and wake up and I’ll be in a better mood’
    2 seconds later: ‘this is bloody ridiculous’

  9. Juan Pablo Rivera

    Holy hell, I used to watch your Minecraft project 10 years ago. I remember that balloon thing crashing into your village at episode 2XX and you pillaging its remains. Was so cool. Crazy you’re still going strong Tom. Wish you well.

  10. Tom…you have come sooo far….from the days of starting a new world saying “it’s a new world..” and promptly getting blown up by a creeper…then fast forward to a Haste 2 Beacon and a Turtle Sanctuary…. Well done Sir! 😊

  11. ( Unknown Error )

    Dorky dorky smell what is this

  12. Do Turtles have beds😂😂 – Tom Syndicate 2022

  13. Only Tom can chuck a god bow on the floor and forget about it lmao🤣

  14. Popping out to the sunset was just beautiful and amazing timing as always from our favorite youtuber

  15. Lily Lavery-Allcroft

    58:00 “with my laAvAa” – should NOT be as funny as it is LMAOOO best one liner in the series

  16. Tom Old School!

  17. Tom reminds me of Stewie when he lost his bow! LOL

  18. Just want to say, Tom
    I, and I can probably speak for everyone who watches, appreciate you keeping the series going and always finding something to do. Even if you have nothing in mind, it’s still interesting and fun to watch🥹 even after 20 episodes I’m still watching🙏🏼😁thanks mate!

  19. I came here from the hunting optic remastered video. I don’t like how much older you look. It makes me feel old. I watched that entire series as it happened 🙁

  20. if you put a villager on a honey block and put open trap doors around him to make a small box he cant actually jump out of this even though its just one block tall. the honey holds him down

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