XBOX ONE X PROJECT SCORPIO EDITION IS LIT!!! **chillin’ with Legit Vlogs**

Today is all about the but first to help with soreness from my running, I spend 3 minutes in a -270 cryotherapy tank! Afterwards meetup with Tim from to check out the new One X at the Microsoft Store. Oh yea, I also ride the all over the mall and almost get kicked out.

Music: The Improv by Dj Quads



  1. First!!

  2. Savage savage savage savage savage savage

  3. I wish I had a xbox one

  4. Nice Xbox and awesome video

  5. Notification squad!

    Man, I’d love the new Xbox! but then I’d also have to upgrade my TV as well lol



  7. I wish I had an Xbox one x

  8. What’s up with the sunglasses all the time?

  9. Shooty_Mac_Shoot_Face _Shooter


  10. Could you give it to me please

  11. We need a Justin and Santa vlog.
    Also Tim’s sweater gives me nostalgia; I had a sweater like that when I was a kid

  12. majorspidey55 Minecraft-Vlogs & More!

    Sorry for not seeing your vids, but I am all caught up and still loving them! Keep it up!! **you should have over 5 million subs**

  13. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    I’m early, I think 🙂

  14. Support from ?Philippines?

  15. that dude got the logan paul merch?

  16. Search up new braunfels and compare it to San Antonio on that map

  17. Legit lit dude. Dat utube glitch got u bad tho. Feel bad for u man.

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