XBOX ONE X PROJECT SCORPIO EDITION IS LIT!!! **chillin’ with Legit Vlogs**

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Today is all about the X Project Edition but first to help with soreness from my running, I spend 3 minutes in a -270 cryotherapy tank! Afterwards meetup with Tim from to check out the new X at the Microsoft Store. Oh yea, I also ride the all over the mall and almost get kicked out.

Music: The Improv by Dj Quads



  1. First!!

  2. Savage savage savage savage savage savage

  3. I wish I had a xbox one

  4. Nice Xbox and awesome video

  5. Notification squad!

    Man, I’d love the new Xbox! but then I’d also have to upgrade my TV as well lol



  7. I wish I had an Xbox one x

  8. What’s up with the sunglasses all the time?

  9. Shooty_Mac_Shoot_Face _Shooter


  10. Could you give it to me please

  11. We need a Justin and Santa vlog.
    Also Tim’s sweater gives me nostalgia; I had a sweater like that when I was a kid

  12. majorspidey55 Minecraft-Vlogs & More!

    Sorry for not seeing your vids, but I am all caught up and still loving them! Keep it up!! **you should have over 5 million subs**

  13. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    I’m early, I think 🙂

  14. Support from 💥Philippines💥

  15. that dude got the logan paul merch😒

  16. Search up new braunfels and compare it to San Antonio on that map

  17. Legit lit dude. Dat utube glitch got u bad tho. Feel bad for u man.

  18. Lit🔥🔥

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