WWE 2K18 for Nintendo Switch official announcement

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With a little help from 2K18 cover Superstar , and 2K announce the popular video game is coming to Nintendo Switch gaming consoles this fall.


  1. Gameplay ???

  2. 0:54 “Nintendo Switch… I’M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!!!”

  3. Steph Curry The G.O.A.T

    Once I get this game I’m deleting all those indie bums from the roster

  4. mario as pre order bonus exclusive?

  5. wwe 2k18>>> FIFA 18


  6. Shinsuke Nakamura


  7. Life is now complete

  8. I want a PC Version….THIS YEAR

  9. According to PWStream, Bray Wyatt currently has a record of 182 wins & 424 losses & 10 draws

    Damn he really is booked like a joke!

  10. There’s one slight problem with this scenario… EVERY SWITCH IS SOLD OUT IN STORES

  11. I don’t even have a Nintendo switch, why am I excited about this?

  12. Jayvee Robrigado

    Does that mean we can have Mario and Luigi in my career mode?

  13. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that AJ Styles is champion and #1 contender therefore Styles vs Styles at battleground

  14. Frankely Tavarez

    I can not… i run out of words… i just love you WWE

  15. 3rd party support for the switch is amazing so far.

  16. The Doctor of Awesomeness

    WWE is back on a Nintendo console.

  17. Breath Of The Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Splatoon 2
    Sonic Forces
    NBA 2k18
    WWE 2k18


  18. I almost knew this was going to happen because if NBA 2K18 can run the full version on Nintendo switch then why can’t WWE 2K18 run on it?
    Its the same Graphics engine so porting over this game will be a breeze as the switch is the easiest Consul to port and developed for so I am extremely excited to be able to play wrestling on the go Anytime Anyplace Anywhere

  19. Trials Fusion Gamer

    who’s getting 2k18 for Nintendo switch?

  20. If you like that WWE 2K18 is on Nintendo Switch, Give Me A Hell Yeah

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