When Jim Sterling Was Sued For $10 Million By Digital Homicide (The Jimquisition)

I am the videogame critic they tried to sue for $10 million.

I've kept relatively quiet for almost a year while a and disgusting lawsuit was spuriously filed in an attempt to disrupt my life.

Now I get to talk.

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  1. You should’ve countered and torn the guy apart legally. Jim fucking sterling son deserves better! And they deserved to learn a more painful lesson!!

  2. Jim Sterling is the hero we need right now. Think about it, game developers make shit games and then sue video game reviewers for calling their game shit. They purposely try to scam customers and then try to play victim when someone calls them out. Do you not see anything wrong with this scenario? Are we happy that this is the norm?

    Some of these developers aren’t even looking to win the case, they just hope that the threat of lawsuit will silence Jim Sterling. And if the case goes through they just want to bankrupt Jim through legal expenses. That’s a fucked up world if you ask me. And all these is fucking legal.

  3. Sterling vs. Digital Homicide: Living proof of the saying ‘The man who represents himself in court has a fool for a client’

  4. “If games don’t exist, does your job still exist?” Yes, because Boglins still exist.

  5. And lo the prophet Sterling, after He defeated the demon Romine and destroyed his foul words, spake to his people “The evil has been vanquished! Thank god for Me for I am Jim fucking Sterling Son!”

  6. 10k likes within a day. This is sweet.

  7. SomeoneBloodyRandom

    15:54 “Thats what arrived on my doorstep in March of 2017” JIM’S A TIME TRAVELLER….

  8. It’s funny that people are calling you a bully because you’re doing your job. If this had been a Ubisoft or EA game, it wouldn’t have been bullying.

    You have an entire section dedicated to shitting on Konami and people are trying to say that exposing the shitty wrongdoings of a garbage developer is bullying? Mate, that’s your job whether it’s EA, Ubisoft, Konami or Digital Homicide. If a developer or publisher, AAA or indie, does something stupid it’s part of your job to cover it if you want.

    Anyways glad to see this come to an end. I’d been following the case from a distance ever since it started but only subscribed recently. (Like maybe 3 or 4 days ago)

  9. I’m surprised the first person to try to sue you is NOT Nintendo.


    except you Digital homicide, you’re a fat cunt.

  11. It’s pretty fucking obvious that James Romine is a sociopath.

  12. I like this intro music, much more compared to the other one that has me putting my fingers in my ears.

  13. I would say James Romino’s delusion would earn him a spot in gaming history among the likes of Sean Murray or Peter Molyneux; Instead of developing potentially great games that somehow miss the mark though, Jamie Rominini apparently invested every ounce of energy he could muster into charging head first into gaming’s wall of shame. Which, after his head ricocheted off the aforementioned wall, knocking him out, he landed in gaming’s dumpster of obscurity.

    Later, after the raging dumpster fire was put out……

  14. It ain’t slander if it’s true motherfucker. Digital Homicide=Cancer of the gaming industry.

  15. Wohlever Gaming Journalism

    5:02 What a minute. Those figures only add up to 10,561,000
    Where’s the extra 200,000 coming from?

  16. The Romino bros. made 84 different accounts to dislike this video.

  17. Behold. The Jim Sterling Movie: Digital Sue-icide

  18. Your logo is asymmetrical and that hurts my eyes, get ready for a lawsuit!!!

  19. “The time when a youtuber was sued for 10 million for saying that a game is shit.”

    what a time to be alive…

  20. 30:40 What did Romine try to edit in the agreement…?

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