What’s the STRONGEST H2ODelirious unit on TABS???

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🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!


  1. Marvel vs dc or vanoss vs delirious

  2. I don’t think delirious knew the babayaga was John wicks version of him

  3. Please check out the new units

  4. 1:58 you can’t just DOOM sound effect at us.

  5. I think you should try searching all the units off the units based on all the games you have played ex-spiderlirious

  6. Delirious is one of the best YouTubers. “I was behind you the whole time” when you would say this it would make me laugh every time

  7. Love that delirious still plays this

  8. 5:50 yeah that’ll do it.

  9. H2ODelirious in the multiverse of madness

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