What’s the STRONGEST H2ODelirious unit on TABS???

🎵 Outtro song: By SpacemanChaos!


  1. Who should I try next? Strongest Marvel units? Or Vanoss, DC etc…

  2. Snowball րհilօძεղძɾօղ


  3. Marvel vs dc or vanoss vs delirious

  4. I don’t think delirious knew the babayaga was John wicks version of him

  5. Please check out the new units

  6. 1:58 you can’t just DOOM sound effect at us.

  7. I think you should try searching all the units off the units based on all the games you have played ex-spiderlirious

  8. 11:16
    Everything changed when Avatarlirious attacked.
    The avatar is suppose to bring peace not destruction, I guess unlike Kora Vaatu got to him. Lol
    If you know you know
    If you don’t know then it’s sad. I’m 12 and I’ve seen atla at least 12+ times alr and legend of kora 2 times.

  9. All it took was a crotch shot to take Baba Yaga down 😂😂💜

  10. 11:57 makes sense Aang took a long time to learn earth and the only element/ element extension is this delirious didn’t use is earth. He used
    lighting a extension of fire bending
    Ice a extension of water bending
    A tornado which is air bending cause we see Aang make one at least once + that one time in legend of korra

  11. 13:26 “ Every man and boy in the stands and at home felt that one folks “

    “ Ok now seriously, are we getting him a ambulance? “ 🚑

  12. Delirious is one of the best YouTubers. “I was behind you the whole time” when you would say this it would make me laugh every time

  13. Guillesmine Ramirez

    Fire 🔥

  14. 5:16
    Delirious-“this says its worth 4 million but I don’t think it is”
    Your right…it actually said 40 million

  15. Love that delirious still plays this

  16. 5:50 yeah that’ll do it.

  17. H2ODelirious in the multiverse of madness

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