Welp, I Got Covid (The Jimquisition)

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Yup, we got it real bad!


  1. Lol wahhhh enforce vaccine mandates NOW!!!

  2. Still wear the mask, it is the only thing Covid can’t adapt to get around.

  3. A swift recovery to you and I hope that the symptoms ease up soon. Take care!

  4. James Stephanie Sterling, we care that you have an unbroken publishing streak. And we thank God for you every single day

  5. I caught this about four weeks ago myself after i came back from my cousin’s engagement party. Shit was unbearable first couple of days, but it eventually went off. The worst is around midnight when your body suddenly starts shivering out of nowhere, that really sticks with you. Stay safe, everyone.

  6. Get well soon, bb!

  7. So cool, you are doing what and how you are doing it. Straight forward.

  8. Just a note. “The workers” don’t prefer working from home. Some do, some don’t.

    I nearly went fucking insane when I was forced to work by myself for months on end. It just doesn’t work for some of us and if companies just go full digital I will be miserable for the rest of my work life. Flexibility is great, imposing one or the other is not, simple as that.

  9. 40 seconds in, and I’m on the Jimporium to give you my money for that sweet, sweet “capitalism bad” T-shirt.

  10. Some people do need the office environment to work (note that I’m not one of them) but I have heard from more than a few that working at home they just can’t focus. To each their own of course.

  11. like fausi said the best vaccine is to get infected.

  12. Hope you start feeling awesome again soon!

  13. Get well soon Steph!!

  14. You dodged that bullet like Trinity, but everyone’s luck runs out eventually. Especially when governments want to pander to their rich friends and get the serfs back into the mills, plague or not.

  15. I will wear a mask in public transportation and in dense crowds until the day that I die, current COVID status be damned.

  16. Get well soon baaaaaaaby

  17. Rest Jamie, Rest up…

  18. Take care and hang in there, Steph! Sending happy healthy non-blunderbussy vibes!

  19. smooth move ex-lax

  20. One thing to be wary of in terms of working from home, though, is the ways in which that pushes other things onto employees, such as the costs of computer maintenance, a proper desk, a proper chair, etc. All of these should continue to be things that the employer pays for, but it would be all too easy for employers to use work-from-home as an excuse to no longer do so. Relatedly, in countries with workplace regulations, those regulations don’t apply to your personal flat, so there is also a danger of worsening conditions in that regard and honestly just the loneliness that comes from being stuck in your own home all day with nothing and no-one to break up the work but your own ability to keep track of breaks and so on.

    Working from home should absolutely be an option but it’s not always unequivocally better than working from an office. I think mixed models like those some companies have started to use makes most sense. And crucially that we should be VERY aware of the ways in which employers *will* try to use this change in work culture to fuck workers over.

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