Welcome To The Meat Hole!

Here I am playing Golden Light. It’s a game about meat. Lots of horrible, stinking meat. And eyeballs. Lots and lots of eyeballs.


  1. Thank God for the return of Squirty Plays!

  2. This did bring a smile to my face

  3. I’ve heard of a Current Year Argument but a Current Year Joke is a new one. Or it was until 2020. Fun fact: 2021 will probably be worse

  4. Imagine playing hades. And then playing whatever this thing is.

  5. “It’s an iPad, but with skin and eyes.”
    Come on, that’s an EyePad.

  6. “Floor 1”
    Actually, that said Floor: -1. That’s -1.

  7. 5:19 would you say it’s an… eyePad?

  8. I reeeeally missed the old Squirty Plays format like this <3
    I mean more polished videos showcasing games like Hades is great but I think a lot of us out here miss the good old random might-be-shitty-might-be-good Squirty Plays.

  9. Ah, it’s been too long since I’ve gotten a weird insult from a new Jim Sterling Squirty Play video

  10. I miss these, i love the random unscripted commentary its what made me love jim in the first place. 💖 and of course the intro, can’t forget the intro

  11. WHERE’S THE BEEF?! Oh, there it is, in the meat hole…

  12. “We’ve fallen down the meat hole… And now we’re in a meat apartment…”

    That’ll be for the Meat n Greet…

  13. Names are for the Weak

    This feels like one of those asset flip games, but with actual thought and soul put into it.

  14. The unbridled glee of Jim noticing a moving computer or a meat apple gives me life. <3

  15. “Meat Hole” is a way better name for this game. I don’t know why these devs don’t consult Jim before naming these things.

  16. this game feels like it was run through google translate a few good times

    and i dont mean just the text

    the entire game

  17. 9″ Uncut.

  18. Thank you so much for playing this one ❤️

  19. 2020 being procedurally generated would explain the murder hornets.

    The Hunter Biden laptop storyline is so similar to the “but her email” subplot from last season that I’d say one of those A.I. bots that reads Harry Potter & generates weird fanfic has to be involved though.

  20. “I have so little health! I’m going to have to eat my gun now.”

    This is the best advert for a game I’ve ever watched

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